Would it be ok if i place my initial dots with pencil? [250 box challenge]

12:58 AM, Wednesday January 5th 2022

So, i am at box 125 and i found out, that if i place my initial first dots (for guessing where the lines should converge) with pencil, this allows me to rotate my page a lot more and think more about these very first dots, this is actually VERY useful for me, because if i rotate the page several times i often times find out that some of those initial dots don't make any sense and i correct them on the go, once i am done guessing with pencil i put my final dots (the ones that will define my box) with ink, this allows me to get faaar better boxes and with less mistakes (or at least, that's what i think lol), rather than doing every dot with ink (because not only i fear more about the dots that i put, but if i happen to put a dot and it was completely wrong, i will put another, and if i was wrong again then another, and another and etc, until the page its just a dot mess).

So i come to ask, is this ok or fair, taking in count the rules of the challenge? after all, everything else, final dots, the lines and the box are done with ink, i only do the first dots with pencil to have better accuracy and stay with a clean page.

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6:55 PM, Wednesday January 5th 2022

I wouldn't recommend it. There are a number of challenges that we face throughout this course that students struggle with towards the beginning. For example, the very fact that we draw "through" our forms results in a lot more visual clutter that can be confusing at first, but in pushing through it, holding to the instructions, and making plenty of mistakes in the process, those students gradually get more comfortable as their brains attune themselves, learning what to focus on and when. As such, changing the prescribed approach in order to make it easier in the short term, will likely just rob you of the opportunity to get comfortable with the issue at hand.

9:37 PM, Wednesday January 5th 2022

It makes sense, thanks for the reply!

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