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2:41 PM, Saturday April 2nd 2022
edited at 5:20 PM, Apr 2nd 2022

Hello, Here are my thoughts on your work:

Super imposed lines

You filled the pages up, nice job, I would however point out that you have a tendency to fray at the end, as well as your lines slightly bowing up, in a very subtle curve, which generally is fine, it won’t always be perfect but keep that in mind when you do this as a warmup. A good way to avoid curved lines is to try to curve it in the opposite direction, which will often balance it out and result in an altogether straighter line.

Table of ellipses, Funnels

For this I’d recommend taking more time to ghost until you’ve got it down, there’s a lot of ellipses where you start out to small and then get bigger as you go around, which results in a messy ellipse, just a few more seconds of ghosting until you’re sure if it is an easy remedy.

Anything else I haven’t touched on is because you did a solid job, these are the major things I noticed, and overall just things to keep in mind when you do these exercises as warm-ups in the future. Keep up the good work!

I included one revision I think you should do, but after that I'd say you're ready for the 250 box challenge.

Next Steps:

I’d recommend doing another page of superimposed lines, just to smooth out the fraying at the ends of your lines. Don't forget to use a ruler to draw the first line!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 5:20 PM, Apr 2nd 2022
7:15 AM, Tuesday April 5th 2022

Thank you for your critique.

Here is my redo for superimposed lines practice:

2:35 PM, Tuesday April 5th 2022

Awesome, don’t forget to keep working at these as warmups before other exercises, and take your time ghosting.

I’d recommend moving onto the 250 box challenge, good luck!

Next Steps:

Go onto the 250 box challenge

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