Question about papers (specifically for the 250 Box Challenge)

8:43 PM, Friday May 12th 2023

Sorry if this has been answered before but can you use both sides of the paper for Drawabox? Specifically the 250 Box Challenge. I'm noticing that a lot of submissions only use one side of the paper when doing the exercises/drills. Is there a reason for doing so? I'm mainly just asking to find out whether or not I can save a few pages on the 250 boxes. Thanks!

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7:22 AM, Sunday May 14th 2023


I’m using only one side because I don’t like to see the already used side showing in transparency, it distracts me drawing my box, and I think it can mess up with reading and analyzing the homework afterwards. Using printer paper here.

It also depends on the thickness of paper you use, though. If the first side doesn’t show off at all, it’s probably fine to use both side.

I’m kind of bothered with messy page, so it might be very subjective. Looking forward to read more opinions from other students and/or DaB teachers.


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5:47 PM, Monday May 15th 2023

Emelianth's more or less hit the nail on the head. If your paper is thick enough to avoid having the ink from the other side show through, then it's fine. If however the ink shows through, that can have a negative impact on your mindset as you tackle the work, similarly to working on lined paper. Basically it can cause us to work more sloppily than we otherwise might, because the page already appears to be marred in some way.

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7:32 PM, Monday May 15th 2023

Once your page is scanned/taken picture of, you can use the other side for warmups.

I use old papers, letters, any sheet that is still blank on the back for mine.

10:15 PM, Monday May 15th 2023

Thank you for the responses!

I never thought about using the backside for warm-ups so I might start doing that. I don't want to leave a page empty if I can just use it for something else.

7:36 AM, Tuesday May 16th 2023

Glad it helped.

I don't like either tossing paper with only one side used, trying to get as much as I can from resources I have and waste less.

It takes some space though ????, I kept so many old letters, old paperworks over the years. But DaB warmup sessions help a lot diminishing the pile.

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