1. Fraying at Both sides (specifically curved ones)

-When it comes to straight lines you done well, but when comes to curved ones you seem to fray at the beginning of the line. It shows how didn't took the time to position your pen correctly, fraying should only be present at the far end of your lines (for now at least)


  1. Ellipses Going Out of Bounds

-There are times you're ellipses goes out of bounds (most prominent in the table of elipses exercise), a reason I suspect is lack of planning. A good way to combat this is to ghost your elipses more.

2.Ellipses Lacking Confidence and Smoothness

-When it comes to drawing bigger elipses you ellipses seem to breakdown, A reason I also suspect it lacks the planning. A good way to combat is also ghosting more.


  1. Struggle with Perspective

-Despite the messy perspective with the rotated boxes exercise and organic perspective exercise, you can make that up through the 250 box challenge.

Congrats in finishing Drawabox Lesson 1! You may now move on to the 250 Box Challenge!