Lines: I can see that you have followed the steps correctly in all exercises. In ghosted lines I can see repeated lines, remember that in drawabox you should not repeat the lines. I can also see that there are wobbly lines, remember drawing using the shoulder and not with the wrist or elbow. And in superimposed lines I can see that some lines are fraying in both ends, remember taking the time to position the pen at the starting point of the guideline

Ellipses: In ellipses exercises you have also followed the steps correctly, I can also see that you have drawn through some ellipses more than 2-3 times In Table of ellipses I can see that there are spaces between some ellipses. I would also like to mention that in the exercise of ellipses in planes some ellipses don't touch the 4 points

Boxes: I can see that you have followed the steps correctly just like in the lines and ellipses. In organic perspective I can see that the boxes go from smaller to bigger, a problem I see is that you repeat a lot the lines of the box, and I can see some chicken scratching in some of them. I would like to mention that in the same exercise it is better to make a swoopy initial line that is not so complex to be less confused with the perspective.

I see you ended all the exercises and I also see that you understand the purpose of all the exercises, everything else will improve over time, so I can mark the lesson as completed