Hello, Oscarivan:

I've seen that you are posting 2 submissions per lesson. Please, stop. Drawabox is already overflowed with too many submissions, adding more just makes the problem worse.

Now with your lesson:


I don't know how you got to this lesson without fixing it but you have to improve those lines. All arrowheads are constructed poorly: no marks and no straight lines. There is also no hatching to shadow the bendings of each arrow which is useful to recreate the illusion of 3D. You were afraid to pass over other arrows, remember that these are exercises, not final drawings, you can play around and mess them a bit.


Ellipses were misaligned with the main flow line. You didn't even try to branch out some of the main branches and when you did with the cactus, you didn't use the sphere approach o wrapping an ellipse over the main cylinder. Drawabox focuses on a construction approach to drawing, if you skip it you are not paying enough attention to the lessons.


You followed the flow line better here. There were a couple of leaves with good twists and good results. But as with the rest of your submission, your wobbly lines drain of the quality you are giving to the drawings through the construction. That's why lesson 1 is so important to get clear.

Some leaves have repeated patterns on them to the point that I guess some of them were added automatically. This is a recurrent problem because you need intention behind every line you make on paper so it feels more real.


You follow the flow line but you try to make the contour of each leaf in small segments or with wobbly lines. Use the ghosting method. You have to train your short muscle memory before committing to a stroke. Also, you didn't add detail to the flowers and they feel somewhat conceptual rather than complete flowers.


I felt like your foundational skills are somewhat weak but after checking your previous work I ended on another conclusion. You are rushing through the lesson. You know how to do the ghosting method and draw from your shoulder but you are not doing it. All the concepts you learn in previous lessons should be present in future ones. The first thing told in drawabox is to go for smooth confident lines over accuracy and precision. You are doing the complete opposite, you are prioritizing fitting the leaves in the big ellipse rather than focusing on making smooth petals.

You tried multiple times to re-attempt your already made lines without the intention of adding weight line. This is a horrible habit to take because will worsen your drawings and because it makes it harder to critique. Aim for clear lines as much as you can.

You didn't use marks. This is one of the things you are told in earlier lessons and you are supposed to do it as much as you can so reviewers can differentiate what you planned to draw and what you executed.

I request a revision to do the following in this order. Re-read lesson 1 and use it for the first requirement. Reread the rest of the lessons you have passed and continue with the rest of the requirements.

  • One page of the ghosted planes with ellipses exercise from lesson 1

  • One page of branches. So you can practice the alignment and the sphere method.

  • One page of arrows. Play around with the recommended hatching and weight lines.

  • Two more pages of plant drawings.

Focus on smooth, confident lines for every single line you draw in each of the exercises. Your lines do not have to be 100% precise, but they have to be as smooth as possible.

In case you had too much trouble with lesson 1 topics we will focus on that but first I want to confirm that you don't have that problem just because you want to do the lesson quick.