Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

11:37 AM, Thursday April 2nd 2020

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So there are quite a few that are rather off. How do you guys not get frustrated with not drawing the straight lines? Am dying with the 250 box challenge rn.

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5:26 PM, Thursday April 2nd 2020

It's a part of practice and deals with patience when drawing any line. After all, this isn't a marathon or race to see how fast you can get something done or comprehending a lesson, if it was then it'd be pretty hectic lol. Also good luck with the box challenge btw.

Ok so for the critique,

Imposed Lines: You seem to fray at the beginning of each line, Id recommend that you try to start at the starting point of the line that was made by the ruler so that it doesn't fray too much. The lines feel confident, there are a few that do seem to wobble a bit, just go with the flow and try not to think too much about making your mark. Other than that it looks pretty good.

Ghosted lines: They wobble and curve a bit, and most of them are from the same angle. Try to practice different angles and rotate the page so that it won't look like we're looking at the same angle over and over again. They do look accurate, which is a good thing but you still want more confidence than accuracy.

Ghosted planes: They look great, however you want to keep it to only four dots rather than multiple dots at a time so that it doesn't get overwhelming and confusing when making the intersections.

Table of ellipsis: These look great, but you'd want to keep it to at least 2-3 loops per ellipse.

That's as much as I can crit. so far, lol, but your work looks pretty good

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10:19 PM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

Hi! I'm checking old incomplete submissions to see if it's needed to deal with them.

Here I see you got some feedback from another user but not for the complete lesson, and without having the next step sorted out.

Before marking this lesson as complete I'd like to suggest you not to correct any line you feel is wrong, like I see you did in many point in particular in the last 2 pages. No matter how off is a line, just go along with it without additional passes.

All your pages looks fine to me, showing that you understood the exercises and that you did them as best as you could. Contrary to the other review, I think you nailed your superimposed lines too.

You got many issues in the last exercise, but that is supposed to happen as a form of preview for the next step that you should do after this lesson: the 250 box challenge. Good luck with that!

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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