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5:57 PM, Friday December 9th 2022

Congratulations on completing lesson 1! You're showing a good understanding of the concepts explored in the first lesson, and I can see a growing comfort with drawing confident lines from your first pages to your last pages.


Your lines are really good, but things can get a little wobbly/scratchy when trying to construct boxes. I'd recommend focusing on ghosting your lines and drawing them confidently, the accuracy will come with time!


This is a place where I struggle too, but I'd recommend ghosting your ellipses before drawing through them twice. You're doing a great job of drawing through, which makes it easy to see that they don't always line up with each other. I feel like this is a good thing! As with the lines, the accuracy will improve with time and practice.


I think you're doing a really nice job of constructing realistic boxes, but they can sometimes appear warped instead of rotated. This will surely improve dramatically over the 250 box challenge, which is where I'd advise you head from here!

Overall, great work, and congratulations again!

Next Steps:

Head on to the 250 box challenge, good luck!

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2:23 PM, Monday December 12th 2022

Thank you so much for your feedback.

I'm now on 223 box)

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