Hi there! I had a look through your work and put together some thoughts, so hopefully this helps!

Superimposed lines: You started off with a bit of fraying on both ends, but got better as you went along!

Ghosted lines: There were some lines that wobbled a bit, so try to keep in mind that confidence comes before accuracy, but otherwise, they look good.

Ghosted planes/ellipses: I can't really tell if you're adding points to ghost between for every line, if you aren't, you should be, it will help your accuracy! Other than that, keep trying to get the ellipses to touch every edge of the plane and you'll be acing it in no time!

Tables of ellipses: look good!

Funnels: Overall look good! When using these for warmups later, you should try them with increasing degrees of the ellipses, but for now this is fine.

Plotted perspective: done well!

Rough perspective: I'm not too sure if your lines are scratchy or if it's just a scanning issue. If they are, then definitely focus more on getting a smooth line, over an accurate one! Otherwise, they look good!

Rotated boxes and organic perspective: Both look good, congrats!