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10:47 AM, Sunday October 25th 2020

Hi there! Grats on finishing the box challenge! You've done a good deal of progress over the whole set. I'll be trying to catch as many things as I can so you can keep improving, but by the end you already get pretty good results.

-Firsly, about hatching. Do it just like you've been doing over the last boxes; simple hatching parallel lines, but don't forget to place your pen at the start of the lines (at the lines of the boxes) so it doesn't fray in 2 places. It will make them look much cleaner.

-The convergences are pretty good by the end of the challenge, but it seems you still struggle with the inner corner, which is a pretty normal issue that most students tend to still have by the time they finish this challenge.

This specific order of drawing boxes helped me handle the inner corner thing more easily, so give it a try.

Keep in mind that this is issue is basically the accumulation of all the mistakes you've done on each step. So as you practice, your guesses on each step will get better, and the issue will start getting more minor. Thinking about the relationships between lines on every step is something that will make your guesses more accurate as well, and it's explained on this diagram, so give it a read.

Other than that I don't have much more to say, I think you're already prepared for the advanced exercises, so I'd give them a look. Grats again on finishing, and good luck with lesson 2, your next step!

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Lesson 2

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3:27 PM, Monday October 26th 2020

Thank you for this critique. I will try to be more patient in each step and keep your advice in mind to get more accurate results. I want to ask one thing. I had started Lesson 2 because I couldn't get a critique before, and I finished it a couple of days ago. Should I do it again, or should I post it?

11:26 PM, Monday October 26th 2020

You can just post. Like I said your boxes were good, so no problem.

6:08 AM, Tuesday October 27th 2020

Thank you!!

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