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2:07 PM, Wednesday May 17th 2023

Welcome to drawabox. Would you be so kind as to upload your album to imgur or even google drive? The site you're using currently takes 3+ minutes to load a single image (I don't have the correct number, because after 3 minutes google just pulled the plug on it, and i had to start loading it all over again). So if it's not too much trouble, could i request a different one?

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A different link, would you kindly

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2:28 AM, Thursday May 18th 2023
edited at 2:55 AM, May 18th 2023


I can't use neigher google drive nor imgur, unfortunately, I am in a country with restricted internet access. This was the reason I uploaded to imgbox, Imgur is permanently "temporarily over capacity" for me and google drive is unusable.

I went through the sites recommended here https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/4-imgur-alternatives-for-uploading-sharing-images/ and only two worked. If you could recommend other hostings, I'll try to upload there.

Here are the alternative links


















edited at 2:55 AM, May 18th 2023
10:24 AM, Saturday May 20th 2023

Hello, and sorry to have kept you waiting - had a few things pop up. Both links work for me, so for the purposes of this lesson, you're all good. It would be great if for the box challenge - since I expect you'll have many more images there - you could find a site that has all the images on a page (and they're like, fullsize, as opposed to how it works on postimage), and you can just scroll through them, but if you can't then no harm done - I'm sure the box challenge TA will understand. Without further ado, let's take a look at this.

Starting with your superimposed lines, these are well done. They’re smooth, properly lined up at the start, and of a consistent trajectory. The ghosted lines/planes look quite confident, too, and I’m pleased to see that you’ve filled your pages here to the brim. I do notice, however, that you’ve not plotted start/end points for the non-diagonal center lines of your planes. Please be sure to. If you notice, those particular lines of your planes tend to wobble near their ends – that’s why.

The table of ellipses exercise is strong. There’s a good deal of variety with regards to the degrees and angles of your ellipses, and most of them are smooth, rounded, and properly drawn through. There’s the occasional wobbly ellipse, sure, but I suspect that this is due to their size, more than anything else. It’s hard to engage the shoulder for small marks, so, moving forward, see if you can draw a little bigger. The ellipses in planes are mostly well done. Your ellipses here are quite big, so any wobbles I see can only be due to a misunderstanding of our priorities. Very quickly, I’ll remind you that it’s more important for us that our marks are smooth, than that they’re accurate. In other words, it’s perfectly fine for an ellipse to overshoot its bounds, or for its rotations to not match up, so long as it’s smooth, and rounded, and properly drawn through. The opposite, is not. Nice job on the funnels. Your ellipses here are mostly confident, snug, and properly cut in half.

The plotted perspective exercise looks clean. The rough perspective exercise starts off strong, and shows some good improvement throughout the set. I especially appreciate seeing so many unused points on the page – evidence of proper planning. That said, though the convergences are on-point, the linework is a little weak. It’s important to remember that there’s no difference between these lines, and the ones in the ghosted lines exercise. They add up to a bigger picture, sure, but they’re the same lines. If they could be confident there, they can be confident here, too. Also, a quick reminder that automatic reinforcing – correcting an incorrect line – is not a habit we encourage. Great work on the rotated boxes exercise! It’s big, its boxes are snug, and they rotate quite comfortably. You’ve paid some attention to their far planes, and depth lines, too, which is above and beyond for the purposes of this exercise – you’re find yourself to be well prepared for the box section! Speaking of boxes, nice work with the organic perspective exercise. There’s a good deal of variety to them, they’re well constructed, and flow well, as a result of their size and foreshortening. Good work overall, and consider this lesson complete.

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Onto the box challenge!

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12:01 PM, Saturday May 20th 2023

Thank you for the review! and the advice about image hosting sites.

I am very aware about the linework issue and the correct order of priorities, so far I failed to translate this understanding and effort into confident non-single-standing lines but I'll keep working on it.

Thanks again and have a great day!

4:12 AM, Saturday May 20th 2023

Hello Benj,

could you please let me know whether the alternative links worked better for you? If not, maybe I'll post the images on discord?

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