Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

5:01 AM, Monday July 18th 2022

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Not sure if this info is needed, but I'm pretty much a true beginner. Please don't go easy on me with the feedback, I want to improve as much as possible. Thanks in advance.

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9:49 AM, Tuesday July 19th 2022


You are drawing with a lot of passion! Being a beginner is great because you will see the fastest improvements at the beginning of learning.

I would give the feedback to take your time with the gosting method and learning to draw from the shoulder. In the first few excercises you can see that you really focused on that but with the last few excercises for the boxes your line is a little bit less confident (I had that same problem because the focus also goes to perspective so it becomes a bit difficult). The rough perspective excersice really relies on ghosting for getting as close to your vanishing point as possible.

The ellipses you drew look great but maybe try to have them be different shapes. Most of them have the same shape and size. Different sizes require different hand movements so it would be great to try this excercise again as a warm up next time. I think you better do the third excersize for the ellipses again (the ellipses in the funnel). Some of the ellipses are not alligned to the minor axis and even though it was optional I would try to change the degree for the ellipses. Try to get some narrow ones to practice the shape for later.

With the organic perspective excersice the boxes are not rotating a lot and they are a bit evenly spaced (almost no overlap). I think you would benefit from trying again and really focus on having more variation in the rotation.

This was my first time giving feedback on the site so I hope it was helpfull and not to much. You are doing great so keep it up!

Next Steps:

Try looking at the lessons for the funnel excersice and try to do that one again and also try one page of organic perspective again. For the ellipses focus on having them alligned on the minor axis and changing the degree. With the organic perspective try to rotate the boxes.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:39 PM, Wednesday July 27th 2022
9:46 PM, Thursday August 4th 2022

good job with the homework!

Next Steps:

Good job on the drawings! I think you are ready for the 250 box challenge.

Try to practice control over your line while doing the challenge. Your lines look confident but try to practice having them stop at the end.

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