250 Box Challenge

8:34 AM, Wednesday August 12th 2020

250 Boxes - Google Drive

250 Boxes - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10K3mKq8N_txILEthKBM4LuzW3NOl1vW0?usp=sharing

It is done.

Despite some really rough mental health days, and the current 35+C weather, I managed to draw 250 vaguely box-shaped thingamajiggs in a month.

Took a while to get a feel for things, but looking through all 50 pages, I can definitely see refinement. The boxes are not perfect by any means - especially the 'invisible' ribs in the back of the boxes give me trouble still - but I'm fairly certain nearly everyone would think "My cat would love to own a box like this!" when they see my scribbles.

Except box 28, which clearly got manhandled badly by a disgruntled Amazon employee who's not being paid anywhere near enough for the nonsense they ask of them.

Apologies for the smudging here and there. I did my best to keep everything clean, but I clearly bought the wrong type of pens for the checks. Lessons were learned.

Anyway, I think I'm going to miss this exercise, ironically enough, as it was a nice way to zone out and listen to some music and podcasts (nearly) every day.

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!

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The Art of Brom

The Art of Brom

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The reason this book is close to my heart is because of its introduction, where Brom goes explains in detail just how he went from being an army brat to one of the most highly respected dark fantasy artists in the world today. I believe that one's work is flavoured by their life's experiences, and discovering the roots from which other artists hail can help give one perspective on their own beginnings, and perhaps their eventual destination as well.

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