Hi Noc, congratulations on finishing lesson one! Some solid progress done here, wonderful stuff.

The exercises are done splendidly, and most mistakes that are seen made during the earlier exercises are fixed later, which means you are paying close attention to them - really good. I will still mention them, just to make sure you have conscious awareness of them.

First, line quality:

When starting the lesson, it seemed that you had spent some time figuring out the mark making principles (as all of us do) as there is some significant signs of both wobble and arching in the lines.

By the time you got to the Organic Perspective exercise, your lines have improved dramatically. Your lines are way more confident and accurate, amazing job.

There is still some occasional arching present in your lines, and it will reduce over time, just be mindful of it when practicing.

Overall, really good progress.

Second, line repetition:

During your Rough Perspective exercises, you have quite frequently drawn over your lines/repeated a line when you drew it wrong. Of course, that is undesirable, since it makes learning from your mistakes more hard by hiding the error and take more time from you that you could have spent on learning from new lines.

Just as with your line quality however, your tendency to repeat your lines has reduced significantly by the time you got to the last exercise. Note however that it's still occasionally popping up, so remind yourself whenever you are about to fix your mark that you should stop and move on, no matter how bad the mark may be.

Now a couple of notes on individual exercises:

Ellipses are done well, you made sure to draw through them just enough to practice them and you did well aligning them to their surroundings, there is an occasional dip in their accuracy but that improves over time.

Rotated boxes have a single glaring issue - and that is the first box, as you see the top right corner is heavily skewed. That mistake made the entire structure a bit skewed.

However, the rest of the boxes are aligned really well to the original and to each other. There are some inconsistencies, some boxes, especially on the bottom and top right corners where the points of the boxes are a bit outside the bounds making them look a bit more forward, but you got the point of the exercise and did it well for what needs to be done right now - again, this exercise was supposed to be difficult.

During Organic Perspective exercise it's clear you have tried playing a bit with sizes and how close some boxes should appear relatively to the others, more than just a singular line going away from the viewer. It's good that you experimented with that, and do note that those experiments are less clear in their portrayal. Not a thing to fix, but something to note for the future to figure out why it happened and why some of the parts didn't work.

Overall, a good work, just occasional inconsistency in sizes.

Congratulations, give yourself a small celebration and congratulate yourself!