Hey there, I'm Meta and I'll be your TA today, so let's get started.


Starting with your superimposed lines, you're doing a pretty good job of lining your pen up with the starting point and keeping these confident. This confidence carries over into your ghosted lines and planes as well, which is great to see. There is a small amount of arcing present there and this section provides some insight into this and how to work towards correcting it.


Your tables of ellipses are fairly confident, except for the smaller ones, which may be seeing you slow down too much and allowing your brain to take over, or you may be letting your wrist creep in. It's good to see you are drawing through your ellipses 2-3 times as required though and varying the shape and size of the ellipses you're drawing. Your ellipses in planes are quite good, you're making a clear effort to hit the four sides of the plane and executing these with a good amount of confidence... I gotta admit though, that giant ellipse/plane that takes up half the page did make me giggle (and it's really well done!). Finally, your funnels are off to a good start, with you keeping the ellipses pretty well aligned to the minor axis and pretty confident.


You've done a good job on your rough perspective, with keeping the horizontals parallel and verticals perpendicular to the horizon line and you've correctly applied the error checking method. Your line confidence did take a hit here, which is pretty normal - just make sure you're giving each and every line of the box the amount of time and attention as it deserves and also try not to go over lines when you make a mistake as this tends to both highlight the mistake and tend to be lines that are not planned/ghosted in the appropriate way.

You've given the rotated boxes a good try - you're keeping the gaps between the boxes tight and consistent for the most part, which has given you good cues about where to place the next one. You didn't manage to capture the full range of rotation, tending to follow the vanishing point of the box you previously put down, however this exercise is intended only as an introduction to certain concepts you will explore further throughout the course.

Finally, you're getting a pretty good amount of variation in the size and rotation of your boxes in the organic perspective exercise which is starting to create a sense of depth in each frame. The issues I mentioned in your rough perspective exercise are also present here so make sure you're really paying attention to that and really taking your time on each and every line that you put down. The boxes themselves exhibit a bit of divergence however this is something that you can work on in the 250 box challenge.