Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

10:20 AM, Tuesday October 4th 2022

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Thank you for your time :)

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7:59 AM, Thursday October 6th 2022

Heyo heyo, I will be looking over your homework today ^^ Congrats on making it through the second Lesson!

I will be commenting on what you have done well first, before going onto where I think you have room for improvement! If there's anything you don't understand feel free to ask away :>

Arrows Your arrows look confident and smooth. Good job on keeping it in one consistent line. I think you have a rather good grasp now on how they twist and turn in space. Just keep an eye out on the width of the arrows as they move away from the viewer. If they get smaller too quickly or vary in their size, it might look like the actual arrow is getting more narrow, not moving away from the viewer.

Organic Forms Your forms look really good on the first page. Good job on the ellipses too, going through them two times and staying within the bounds given. I noticed on your second page that your forms started to be more elongated. This is wrong and I have to point it out because they will be important later down the line. This image by Uncomfortable might help you a bit: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/simplesausage I don't think it's a big issue, since you did it right on the first page so just keep an eye out for next time!

Texture Texture Analysis is really hard and takes a huge amount of time so good job on getting through it! You kept with the cast shadows and most of the time presented them in forms. Sometimes shadows are so tiny that they're barely a line but still, try to give them some shape. I think you improved down the line but remember that we're drawing shapes, not lines. You can look at this for help: https://i.imgur.com/M9JJfr4.png Also this part of Uncomfortable's explanation https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/6/notransition I mean just the image in this case. This is an example of how you could do scales, as opposed to what you have for the armadillo texture for example.

Texture is definitely hard and takes a lot of time, so be a bit patient with it the next time around ^^

Intersections Your intersections look really good. Your forms look like they're in the same space and your lines are smooth and confident. In the Oranic Intersections the shapes feel really solid and floppy and the cast shadows adhere to the forms beneath each sausage. I don't think there's anything I can complain about, good job!

So this would be it from me. Just keep an eye out on the things I pointed out and you should be good to go in the future as well! You can head onto Lesson 3 now, good luck and have fun!

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8:33 AM, Thursday October 6th 2022

Thank you very much for your time and a great critique :)

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