Struggling to keep going with drawing and the course

10:34 AM, Tuesday September 13th 2022

Hey Everyone ... Really need some Help I'm getting frustrated and on the edge of giving up.

2 Months ago I received my official critique ( I'm a patreon Member) about my exercises ( lesson numer three Drawing plants). I was asked to start over again because I was missing something about the principles of the lesson. The critique was on point and really helped me to see what I was doing wrong. But Now, the problem is ... I completely lost confidence. It's been 2 months,I can't get to finish the last exercise of lesson 3 because It's like I can't make a decent mark on paper anymore ...Probably it would have been better If I had got a more specific plan to action then a simple start over again ... I don't know ... Just any suggestion will be really appreciated ... Hope someone went throught all this and can help me to get a better approach to the matter. Cheers

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1:42 PM, Tuesday September 13th 2022
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Hi Arahel85, I was in a similar boat. I wasn't asked to completely redo lesson 3, but I also struggled to continue with the course after Uncomfortable said "parts of your submission were so bad I almost gave up on the critique and just made you redo everything." Of course that's not what he wrote, but that's how I read it. Even after he clarified I had to take a break from drawabox before I was able to properly reframe things.

What I eventually realised is that this is not about the quality of the drawings. In fact it's the opposite because a lot of the ways in which we deviate from the instructions actually result in better drawings, at least in the short term. You can see that mentioned this in his feedback to you:

Yes, it may lessen your accuracy and result in your line weight separating from the initial mark, but there are two things to keep in mind for this:

...everything we do in this course is an exercise - so if you're going to make mistakes, in order to learn from those mistakes, there's no better place to do it than in your homework.

You do have concrete steps to take. You don't need to come back with gorgeous masterpieces or fundamentally re-evaluate your understanding of the material. Uncomfortable just wants to see that you're doing all you can to follow the instructions. If you apply everything he said in the critique he gave you I'm sure you'll pass even if it looks bad. You can definitely try to apply lineweight in a single stroke, you can certainly include a minor axis when building a plant pot and it doesn't take any extra skill to resist drawing additional lines when constructing branches.

I think the reason Uncomfortable is so strict with the lesson 3 critiques is that it's an opportunity to drive home that these are exercises first and foremost and making nice pictures takes a distant second to closely following the instructions.

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1:50 PM, Tuesday September 13th 2022

P.s. You might also want to read Uncomfortable's reply to my reply to his critique of my lesson 3:

6:27 AM, Wednesday September 14th 2022

Thanks I will do

6:17 AM, Wednesday September 14th 2022

Thanks mate !!! You gave me lot to think about ... And definitely you're right on reframe the approach I'm having about this matter because it's not helping me. That's why I'm asking for help ... not ready to give up yet

10:20 AM, Friday September 16th 2022

Yeah don't give up. You're clearly on the right track it's just an issue of attention to detail when it comes to the specific requirements of the course.

10:38 AM, Wednesday September 21st 2022

Thanks man!

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10:23 PM, Monday September 19th 2022
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Please delete this reply if you see it, mods.

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10:45 PM, Tuesday September 13th 2022

Well, there is a lot to say to keep this as short as possible, why did you start drawing? if I had to guess because you had fun with it.

Although drawbox has a pretty rigorous method of teaching you the fundamentals, it is still about drawing at the end of the day.

I urge you to find the fun in all the exercises you do, doing lesson 3, draw plants in your free time, observe leaves in real life. Follow the instructions in lessons like instructed but always do them in a way, where you do not hate your life.

Remember drawing takes practice and patience, be kind to yourself and enjoy yourself , and I am sure you will do just fine.Hope this helps


6:33 AM, Wednesday September 14th 2022

Thanks man for your suggestions !!! That is my worst fear... I'm starting to not have fun anymore and I'm scared to give up. But you guys giving me some good insight and I understand I need to change the way I approach the matter. Thanks again

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4:44 AM, Wednesday September 14th 2022

I just started lesson 3. I can almost guarantee I will need revisions. The curriculum difficulty spikes a lot in lesson 3.

Lesson 3 asks you to apply the material of the previous lessons all simultaneously. It is possible to at least acknowledge all that material at this point, but it is quite difficult. You will need to slow down and I am willing to bet most Patreon-track students have revisions of at least some magnitude here.

You have it in your mind that because you were asked to re-do the lesson, there is something wrong with you, either as a student learning or as an artist. There is not. What it means is you missed some core concepts in the lessons. Look over the critique and watch each lesson video again. They wouldn't ask for you to redo something if they thought you had fully absorbed the lesson. When you do this, keep in mind the 50% rule. If you are struggling mentally, change it to the 2/3 or 75% rule. Do your best to make sure you look forward to drawing every day, or at the very least that you aren't dreading it.

7:11 AM, Wednesday September 14th 2022

Thanks man for your advice and Good luck with lesson 3. I'm sure you will be fine

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