Lesson Incomplete

2:24 AM, Thursday June 2nd 2022

Heyo ever since ive started taking Drawabox seriously ive realized that i messed up with lesson 1 (at the time i didnt do the lessons in fineliners and also skipped Lesson 0) at the current moment im currently on lesson 3 and while ive read over lesson 1 and done the exercises numerous times and submitted work for the 250 boxes and Lesson 2 im still alittle worried that there may be some valuable critiques that i may be missing forever because i didnt do Lesson 1 correctly

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5:57 PM, Thursday June 2nd 2022

Do you still have the work you did for Lesson 1? I would submit that for critique so you can get the feedback you are missing.

6:33 PM, Thursday June 2nd 2022

possibly although i did them in pencil at the time due to not knowing about the fineliner rule however I do have some warmups I could send into the community critique with stuff the Rotated Boxes exercises being redone since i haven't done that in a while

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