The 3rd vanishing point

6:06 PM, Thursday August 25th 2022

Hello folks, I am a little confused about how to work with the 3rd vanishing point.

I know that from 2 point perspective the vertices lines do not converge and go to infinity; however, on these boxes, there is a 3rd VP but how much are they converging by?

Thank you in advance.

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9:17 PM, Thursday August 25th 2022
edited at 9:17 PM, Aug 25th 2022

try imagining the horizon line in different positions this is explained much better in this link and will help with the complicated dutch angle type of boxes that are present on your page

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5:00 PM, Friday August 26th 2022

First of all, thank you for your input, I really appreciate it, but man I think I lost a few brain cells trying to understand the concepts in that link.

I do not really get the station point and how to keep it 60 degrees like the human vision. Ignoring all that, I do not know what a dutch angle is but; I think you realized what I am trying to do with my shity distorted boxes, which is rotating them on werid angles.

Do you mind elaborating further or perhaps pointing me to resources? Thank you.

p.s I know a lot of this is unnecessary for the 250box challenge but to be frank I care much more about understanding perspective and rotating the boxes, than completing the challenge, so throw any "advanced resource" at me if it means more exp in perspective.

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10:10 PM, Thursday August 25th 2022
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Personally I wouldn't worry about horizon lines or anything for the 250 box challenge. Just treat the third vanishing point like the other two. You've made most of the decisions by the time you've drawn your Y, so the only question is how close you place each point. It's an exaggeration to say there are no wrong answers, but there's such a broad range of right answers that it's more useful to approach it with the attitude of just getting a feel for how your boxes turn out when you place the vanishing points closer or farther away. I.e. you place the vanishing point close it looks one way, you place it far it looks another way and which one is "right" will depend on the specific drawing.

Now obviously you posted this because you aren't happy with how your boxes are looking, but the truth is you're having difficulty making your lines converge to a single point and that's why they look the way they do. This is normal, and part of what the 250 box challenge is supposed to help with, but there is no solution other than practice.

You're on the right track just keep going.

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4:16 PM, Friday August 26th 2022

Thanks a lot for the deatiled answer makes sense.

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12:49 AM, Sunday August 28th 2022

(I wrote all this before checking to see if anyone else had already answered your question, but I'm gonna reply with this anyway because it's already written)

All the vanishing points should be treated the same, regardless of what set of lines they're applying to.

On your boxes, your red extended lines should all converge to the same point, your green lines should all converge to the same point (but a different point than the red lines), and your blue lines should all converge to the same point (but a different point than the red and green lines).

Where those points are is entirely up to you, but as you're drawing the box you should do your best to get the corresponding sets of lines to meet up at the same, imaginary points.

Hopefully that made sense, and good luck on your journey!

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