50%, Part 3: Chicken scratches

9:11 PM, Sunday May 12th 2024

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Four days' worth of 50% drawings, after three to four days of boxes.

There were a lot of first-times this time around: First time I drew without an idea of what to draw, first time I drew for over 3 hours in one sitting, first time I properly drew a lady (which is still so scary to me), first time I took a photo of myself to use as a reference... Sure were some productive days. I'm very satisfied!

Something I've been worrying about is whether or not I'm drawing too much chicken scratch style. My sketchbook is quite small so I think it's expected to not do big motions with my arm, but still, I feel like I'm using my wrist way too much! So I decided to spend the last day (today) doing drawings where I drew lines with much longer strokes.

I also thought I relied a bit too much on references while drawing the mermaid, so I decided to also work without references. Combine these two things and the result is... Four atrocious drawings! Sure was a rollercoaster of emotions: I found out I have no clue what cars look like, and it annoys me I can add so many details to a naked male body, but it also felt liberating to draw things so fast.

Anyway, it's all progress, baby. Moving on to lesson 2!

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4:36 AM, Tuesday May 14th 2024

I REALLY like the sacs and the translator. Otherwise i am no expert so i can't give more feedback :P. Nice job!

12:19 PM, Tuesday May 14th 2024


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