Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:19 AM, Saturday August 1st 2020

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If you have time, tell me how I did and what I could improve.

Thank you for your time and feedback.

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1:23 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020


Here is my critique.

  1. I think that your ghosted lines are somewhat short. They are difficult to do but when you try longer ghosted lines you are forced to use your shoulder.

2.Ghosted plane and ellipse in planes looks fine.

  1. Some central lines in funnels are off the center.

  2. In rotating boxes a lot of boxes are not really rotating. You also did more boxes that you should. It is suppose to be five boxes in each column and row.

Great work!!!

Next Steps:

250 boxes challenges!!!

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2:58 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020

Hello Yotastrejos thank you for your time and critique.

I must have really missed the part of the only five boxes for column, i kinda feel silly now ahah.

Anyway now that you mentioned it I too see that my ghosted lines are all quite short, I'll be sure to draw longer ones while I do warm up exercises.

Thanks for your time and for your critique. :)

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1:38 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020

Lines looks good, some of them wobble and some arch so make sure you draw from the shoulder with confidence.

Ellipses wobble a lot and some are drawn through more than 3 times. Confident and smooth execution is more important than accuracy.

Your plotted perspective looks quite rushed, try to take your time with the exercises.

Rough perspective: Again, looks a bit rushed, and like you not completely read the instructions. Your front horizontals are parallel to the horizon and the verticals perpendicular, but the back end of the boxes are a bit messy. Take your time and think where the edges would end up, don't guess.

Rotated boxes: If you feel like you can't focus long enough to complete the exercise in one sitting it is better to break it in to smaller sections to be able to focus, think and learn. The mid-cross looks ok but the other ones are not even consistent in the vanishing point. The gaps between them is not small and consistent.

Organic boxes: Good start, you will practice this and the things mentioned above when you tackle the 250 boxes challenge.

Next Steps:

Continue to use these exercises as part of your warm ups (about 10-15 minutes).

Feel free to move onto the 250 box challenge. When you do, make sure to take your time and read the instructions carefully.

Don’t forget to take breaks and draw for fun!

Also, now that you’ve completed Lesson 1, I encourage you to critique some Lesson 1 community submissions. Not only will this help the community, but it will also solidify and reinforce your understanding of the material. Of course, this is optional (but we’d be especially grateful!). If you’d like to give it a shot, see this guide that was created by one of our community members on how to go about critiquing Lesson 1.



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2:49 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020

Hi Chironex thanks a lot for your critique, yes indeed somethings were a bit rushed and I feel like I could have done a better job with my boxes in general, mainly with the rotated boxes and rough perspective exercises. I certainly will read again and try to understand better the instruction for those two exercises, I won't deny that a some point I got a bit tired also because I can't bring myself to draw for fun or take some break day/s when I know I have still a lot to learn.

Anyhow instructions are clear I'll take some more wee time to better grasp things and practice.

I thank you again for your helpful insight!

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11:28 PM, Tuesday November 10th 2020

Hi Lalincechelancia,

I really like the super imposed lines, I can see that you really focus on keep drawing the right way and mabye you're going a little bit slow, it shows on a couple ghosted lines some trembling.

I'm not sure if it's the pen you're using but, sometimes it doesn't works correctly or you lift the tip before reaching the marked spot.

You show a lot of improvement when it comes to drawing ellipses, but sometimes the ellipses look like kind of an egg and show more confidence, maybe try ghosting the ellipse a little bit more before you draw it.

I liked the perspective boxes, and rotated perspective, just try to imagine where the vanishing points are.

Someone told me long ago that I should see the whole picture, try to imagine every line before I draw it and try to figure out where the vanishing point is, and take my time, don't rush it.

When it comes to lines, seems to me that you feel confident and don't ghost enough, and with ellipses you're afraid and go a little bit slow and show some wobbling. Looks to me that you have already understand all the exercises and objectives of the lesson, you just need to keep practicing and develop muscle memory.

Keep up the good work, contragulatios Lalincechelancia.

Next Steps:

Warm up with simple exercises like ghosted planes and draw some ellipses, try reaching for the edges and ghost a lot before you draw. Picture the ellipse before you draw it and be confident.

This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete. In order for the student to receive their completion badge, this critique will need 2 agreements from other members of the community.
9:55 AM, Friday November 13th 2020

Thanks for the critique Renehnrqz, I've now been drawing ellipses and superimposed lines a lot in my warm-up sessions and also revisited the rotated boxes/perspective exercise.

I'm also working on trying to find a right balance with ghosting, I found out that sometimes ghosting too much doesn't always work and that for shorter lines ghosting 3 or 4 times is usually enough for me.

Anyway thanks for the kind words :)

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