Do I need to draw everything with ink?

12:20 AM, Tuesday September 29th 2020

Hey guys, just a quick doubt, I am going through the exercises of the lesson 1 with the fineliners but I was doing some drawings for fun (trying to follow the good 50 percent rule) with normal pencils and tought "Shit, do I need to do those with ink too?" Glad If anyone can clarify this to me, have a nice day.

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7:11 AM, Tuesday September 29th 2020
edited at 7:11 AM, Sep 29th 2020


From what I saw in Uncomfortable's articles and lessons description, his recommendations/requirements regarding your tools applies only to Drawabox course. Everything else you're doing (and especially drawing for fun) is not in his jurisdiction and you are free to choose any tools, any materials and any techniques that fit you best.

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11:25 PM, Tuesday September 29th 2020

Awesome, thanks for your reply mate ; )

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2:18 PM, Saturday October 3rd 2020

When you draw for fun, you can do whatever you want using any means. The point is to have fun, if you don't want to use fineliners then don't, sooner or later you will start to apply theory you learned, no matter the tool you use.

11:47 AM, Tuesday October 6th 2020

Got it, thank you ; )

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