Quick doubts about vehicle construction

2:43 PM, Thursday November 16th 2023

Almost half way through the lesson 7 and this lesson continue to suprise me

Almost half a year has been gone since I started this lesson and this is the longest lesson that I have ever taken in DaB

I have sensed two main issues in doing the lesson 7; hope someone can answer:

1) Transferring the orthographic plans into 3d space:

For eg here


Lines (yellow) that look parallel in 2d plane are actually angled and goes back in 3d space , so how do you estimate its starting point.

Second situation is when things taper like the truck cab starting point lies on side plan but as we move forward it tapers and end at the 3/4 of the middle of front plane so how do you attach it . Same is the case with the roller, it tapers!!

2) identifing major forms or part:

How do you identify which parts of a vehicle do you subdivide and transfer it to 3d plane. Are parts in red more important or parts in green??

Some extra questions:

About 3 months ago I posted questions on the 1967 Shelby car demo of uncomfortable with almost same ideas here are these:

"Thank you soo much Uncomfortable. I have some questions, hope you can answer.

A) the bump on the car , unlike the windows which can be drawn by just transfering the side orthographic plane on the box, is in the middle so how do you transfer it in the middle

B) Shouldn't the tip of the change in plane at the utmost left must touch the vertical line at the left as it is the side orthographic plane on the other side of the box.

C) continuing the second point , how do you transfer the curve from right plane to left one?

D) since you drew in 3/4 view , some parts which were the part of front orthographic plant , like the front window , became the part of the side plane of the box, so how we should handle it

Thank you!"

Hope someone can answer

Thank you!!!

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