Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:25 PM, Saturday April 18th 2020

Draw a box lesson 1: lines,eclipses,boxes - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/raG9HKe

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Had some paper quantity problems. Please cope with it. I drew in what I could get my hands on.

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1:23 PM, Wednesday April 22nd 2020

Hi there. Well done on completing this lesson and the 250 boxes challenge. Here is my feedback:

  • The lines on the ghosted line exercise and the ghosted planes exercise look pretty good.

  • Maybe you are sometimes too "careful" with the ellipses? Especially with the bigger ones it seems your hand was sometimes not confident and that results in ellipses that look a bit "unnatural" I don't really know how to describe it better.

  • Your lines do not look so good in the first pages of the final exercise. There are some "chicken scratching" where you partially or entirely go over the line again and it result in two different lines more than a single line that has been strengthen. I saw your 250 boxes challenge and that is not completely fixed. The pen are probably not helping so you could maybe try again when you get something else to work with?

  • I saw the review by user Rajivfonia on your 250 boxes challenge and they give you good advice. One of the thing that will be challenging for you will probably be the "line weight". Even if you only have a ballpoint pen at the moment, you should practice varying line weight. For example by doing some more of the superimposed lines exercise.

I hope that was clear. Good luck!

Next Steps:

I agree with user Rajivfonia and I would add : practice varying line weight if you can

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4:21 AM, Monday April 27th 2020

thank you for this wonderful feedback. Yeah I will surely practise the line weight you suggested. Yeah my pen is also a problem. I will get a new one once this corona thing settles. I am doing lesson 2 currently. I am loving the practises of lesson 2.

Again thanks for the review.

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10:31 PM, Friday May 22nd 2020

Hi Ritacethapa!

I'm checking out old incomplete submissions to see if they need to be dealt with.

I'll agree with the current review and that will mark your lesson 1 as complete (even if after completing lesson 2 and the box challenge), but I'll give you a suggestion: DON'T draw more pages than those requested (unless asked in a review). It is a good thing that you're taking this very seriously, but there are reasons why you should do only the amount of pages requested in every homework as explained here.

Keep in mind that you'll be doing these exercises as a warmup anyway for pretty much all your future drawing sessions so you won't risk getting rusty on all this stuff.

Good luck!

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