I am feeling overlmed

9:10 AM, Wednesday January 18th 2023

since i start texture in lesson 2 i kinda feel block overy time i try to draw because i don´t now how to start and i am complete bigginer.

I try difrent refereces and is the same.

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12:03 PM, Wednesday January 18th 2023

I don't know if this is cheating but one thing that really helped me see what I was suppose to draw was to take the reference image on photoshop, put it in gray scale, go to image, adjustments, posterize and put in 2 values I would just turn it on and off to clean up the distractions and see it as simple as two values. Also, I know that we want to grow fast and do it perfectly at our first try, but don't allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, instead just spend some time looking through the texture gallery and admiring how beautiful the patterns are, why are they so appealing to your eyes, what makes them beautiful, analyzing and taking in information like this is not a waste of time, we should always remind ourselves of the fun of the process. Texture is awesome and that you can represent it in your drawing is really cool too.

And last but not least, remember to make sure you are your best friend, your best friend would never say: man, this is garbage, it looks horrible, you suck, you should give up. Instead say: wow, that was hard but you did it anyway, good job! I'm proud of you! you're moving forward! learning can be tough sometimes but you can do it! :)

Oh and one last tip, if you start to feel tired or heavy or anything just take a small break, do something else and try again later when you feel better. No one is pressing you to be perfect, it's your process, your journey so just enjoy it! s2

2:44 PM, Wednesday January 18th 2023

That photoshop trick sounds really handy. Value studies are really a really great way to learn and that sounds like a good way to develop an eye for it. Thanks.

3:49 PM, Wednesday January 18th 2023

For some refs 2 can be too much and take away important parts, but you can test 3, 4, it's just a tool to help you see clearer how to tackle the challenge, also start analyzing some refs that are more simple and straight forward, best of luck with your studies!

8:38 AM, Thursday January 19th 2023

Thanks :]

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12:38 PM, Wednesday January 18th 2023

Oh and also watch the video as many times as you need, check other students work to see how they are doing it, take your time to solve one problem at a time. Take a piece of paper you were going to throw away and just doodle some texture to see if you get it.


I hope this can help you clarify your doubts a little more too :)

10:48 PM, Saturday January 28th 2023

That's a great graphic to show the various shadow types.

11:05 AM, Sunday January 29th 2023

Yes, sometimes it's pretty obvious but sometimes it's not so it's always good to be aware as we practice and develop our observational skills :)

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