250 Box Challenge

10:29 AM, Sunday April 5th 2020

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Goodmorning everyone. I ended the challenge in the 250 boxes. I'm glad I did it more because it's unusual for me to be able to finish something so long, so I'm glad of this, despite having taken about 1hr per page and, on average, 2 pages per day (so finishing in little more than 2 weeks). I hope the timing is right and it didn't take too long

However, I am not sure that I did the exercise in the correct method. I followed the video but I'm afraid I didn't play it correctly (also because I had some uncertainty when translating the videos into my language).

I did it like this:

1 I made the four points and "joined" them forming the Y.

2 On each arm of the Y I pulled a line in a different direction.

3 I tried to pull the remaining lines trying to make them converge at the point where, more or less, I thought it was the vanishing point.

Is the procedure correct?

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4:14 AM, Friday May 8th 2020

Nice job finishing the challenge! And don't worry, your process is correct.

Everything is looking good as far as I can see, you've achieved what this challenge sets out to teach!

Next Steps:

Go on ahead to lesson 2!

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8:46 PM, Sunday May 17th 2020

Gotcha. Thanks for your comment, I feel a little more peaceful.

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