mistakes surfacing after using ink

8:30 AM, Sunday May 15th 2022

Hello I actually started Draw a box 2 years ago and got to the animals lesson using a drawing tablet but I decided to start over using ink and now my hands seem to not follow what I want them to do I understand the concept and can imagine what I want to do on paper but I cant force my hands to do what I want even though I use ghosting and draw from my shoulder any help or opinion is appreciated

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3:23 AM, Wednesday May 18th 2022

What exactly do you mean by "hands seem to not follow"?

If you mean that the lines aren't as accurate as you would like them to be, that's really expected at the beginning stage. It'll improve significantly after hunderds' of pages of warm ups, but for now, don't fret too much. It would be great if you posted a picture, so the community can guide you if you are doing anything incorrectly.

And how did you draw digitally? Did you use a graphic tablet or drew on a display monitor? And did you use tools like rulers and built in guides?

9:33 PM, Friday May 20th 2022

Yes I meant that my lines aren't as accurate as I would like them to be but the reason I think it's a big deal is because I've been following draw a box lessons for 2 years now granted it wasn't in ink but I didn't think it would be this bad .

I did submit pictures and the critique I got was as I expected about my accuracy .

and about digital drawing I used a grapic tablet and I did everything free hand with no smoothing to try and make it as close as possible to ink .

I know I threw alot of questions at you at once but Iam seriously worried that I wasted 2 years of learning thank you for taking the time to answer this .

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9:39 PM, Wednesday June 8th 2022


I recently noticed a similar effect, but have been able to come to a solution.

This is possibly a side effect of the movement distance on your board being different than the moment distance on your screen. I solved it for myself by setting the active area on my board to the size of my screen.

Hope this helps!

9:11 PM, Friday June 17th 2022

Hello !

That is actually a good point since I always felt like it was awkward to draw lines on my tablet until I got used to overcompensate thank you I will try to practice more in that active area size .

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