Lesson 1 Homework

2:36 AM, Sunday August 1st 2021

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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Hopefully I am submitting this right, it would be my first time ever submitting work so far.

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2:47 PM, Tuesday August 3rd 2021

Hi! Welcome to drawabox. So what you have here is a partial lesson 1 submission (Note that lesson 1 consists of 3 sections, each with their own homework), and for a partial submission this is in the correct place. However, only full lesson submissions are submitted into the general homework section for feedback, and while I can offer you some feedback on what you've done so far, I cannot officially suggest next steps, so I recommend you submit the full lesson for homework submission. If you check all of the homeworks in the lesson as complete when submitting, it should automatically submit it to the homework section.

Also, when taking pictures, I recommend you take the picture from directly above the paper. Taking it at an angle like this causes some of the angles to not be captured correctly, which becomes more important later on when studying perspective.

I can give you some feedback based on what you've submitted so far however:

  • Your superimposed lines look great. A pretty consistent starting point and a smooth trajectory were both captured in your work here for the exercise.

  • Over to your ghosted lines and planes, while the lines are fairly accurate, they are not very smooth, with plenty of wobbling. This suggests to me that you are definitely prioritizing accuracy over confidence, when the key to practicing lines is to do the reverse: make sure you can make confident lines, and then worry about accuracy. Your planes also seem to be pretty small, I do recommend drawing them around twice as large (twice the height and width, so 4x the area). At sizes this small you may be using your wrist to draw them instead of your whole arm, which may be also causing some of the arcing that I'm seeing in these lines.

So, reviewing a partial submission doesn't let me officially recommend next steps, so I will just say this here: I recommend you finish the rest of the lesson (don't worry about going back and fixing the issues I've pointed above, and instead just keep them in mind as you go on) and then submit the whole lesson for feedback.

6:36 PM, Saturday August 7th 2021

Wanted to let let you know, I got your feedback. Ty for that and I will remember that for the future as I move forward. I have a question, Cause you mention I only submitted partial. Am I supposed to do all lessons before submitting? Not sure which part I left out, Thought I submitted all of my work for the first lesson. Thank you for your time. ^^

8:41 PM, Saturday August 7th 2021

So you seem to have submitted all of the line exercises, but lesson 1 consists of 3 sections: lines, ellipses, and boxes, each section having their own exercises. Only submitting the lines exercises therefore is technically a partial submission.

When you go to submit homework for a lesson, there should be a checklist of the exercises to submit. Only when all of the exercises on that checklist are checked does it count as a "full" submission for that lesson.

Hope this helps!

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