Partial Lesson 1 Submission (6 / 10 exercises)

11:22 PM, Wednesday February 5th 2020

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Hello, first time submitting my work here. Just want to know where I am before I starting on perspective? Also I have trouble to draw the ellipses in place, is there anyway to improve it or just the matter of practice?

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6:51 AM, Thursday February 6th 2020
edited at 7:06 AM, Feb 6th 2020

Hey! So, the superimposed lines look good, but I think you could stand to up their confidence a little bit. See if you can be a little less conscious of the guideline. It's perfectly okay to miss it, so long as the line itself is confident. This extends to your ghosted lines/planes, too, though they're looking a lot better. By the way, the non-diagonal center lines of the planes need start/end points too, just like the rest of them!

Moving on to the ellipses, they look quite confident, but I think you could push them a little further. Don't be scared to go over the frame- it's just there as a suggestion. Be careful not to rotate around them more than 3 times, though. Ideally, you'd just do it twice. In the table of ellipses exercise, be careful that there's no floating ellipses. Every ellipse needs to touch all of the available bounds. In the ellipses in planes exercise, be careful not to get too caught up in priority #2: 'touching all 4 sides of the plane', that priority #1 'the resulting ellipse being confident, and circular', is sacrificed. It's a common theme: confidence comes first! Nice job on the funnels~

edited at 7:06 AM, Feb 6th 2020
7:29 PM, Friday February 7th 2020

Thank you for the comment, now I am surprise on the comment on the Funnels because I though the ellipses have the same problem as the other page. But I admit I rotate too many times, this is an old habit as I used to draw circle with pencil and rotate until it look round enough.

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