250 Box Challenge

10:40 AM, Wednesday December 29th 2021

250 Boxes challenge - Album on Imgur

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I've done it. The Boxes. I have drawn 250 of them. I can't believe myself to have the tenacity combined with 50% rule to overcome this. The boxes have taught me a lot. And to whoever critique this. Thank you.

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7:15 PM, Wednesday December 29th 2021

Congratulations on finishing the 250 boxes challenge, Doctormein! It was an arduous task, but you pushed through and came out victorious, no matter how many bumps you've encountered along the way or how many tears you've shed, you're stronger for it now and have the results to prove it ;)

I'm ThatOneMushroomGuy, and today I'll be looking over your work, let's get into it.

First, I would like to start out by telling you to please not add notes to your homework pages.

And also to get darker colored pens for extending your lines. Some of your pages have very light extension lines, which combined with the poor lighting makes it difficult to analyze some of your boxes, even some cheap red and blue ballpoint pens will do. And when you take a photo, make sure to take it during the day and have as much natural light as possible.


  • You've extended your lines in the correct direction. However, there are some boxes with extension lines missing, like box 246, 247 and 248. Remember to always add them in.

  • Your lines are looking smooth and confidently drawn throughout the entire challenge, good job! It's very clear that you're making good use of the ghosting method.

  • While it is optional, adding lineweight around the silhouette of the box is great practice for superimposed lines, which become very important for L3+, so it's good to see that you're already adding it, and to great effect.

  • Your hatching is another point where you exceed at by going the extra mile to carefully add it in with the ghosting method, it definitely adds to your boxes and makes them feel much more finished, along with being great extra practice.

Box Construction

When it comes to your box construction, there isn't much to point out, you've done really well! Your convergences for the most part are really good. But of course, there's always a thing or two to improve, here are a few things I believe you should pay a bit more attention to:

  • Sometimes you struggle with your inner corners, diverging lines, and lines converging in pairs instead of in a set of 4. This is very common and since you have already shown a great deal of improvement in your boxes when it comes to convergences I'm sure just a bit more practice will help you a lot.

Nonetheless I'll leave you with this reminder, a diagram showing the relation between each line in a set, as you can see, the inner lines will be very similar unless the box is long, while the outer lines can vary a lot depending on the vanishing point.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you've done really well in this challenge and have shown noticeable improvement. I'm sure that you're ready for the advanced box exercises, as well as Lesson 2.

I'll be marking this lesson as complete.

Next Steps:

Don't forget to add these exercises to your list of warm ups.

Move on to Lesson 2.

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3:31 AM, Thursday December 30th 2021

Understood! Thank you for taking the time for looking at my work. I'll make sure to not mark any notes in further lesson and with Distortion and pairing convergence. Thank you very much!

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