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1:36 AM, Wednesday May 26th 2021
edited at 1:36 AM, May 26th 2021

Hi there Sandrash! Overall you're making good progress, but there are a few important issues I want to comment on, let's go!:

Starting with your lines you're making a pretty good job on the superimposed lines by commiting to your lines in general and not trying to change them even if you know they're missing the point, which is great!

The main problem is that sometimes your lines, specially on the ghosted lines exercise, are a little bit wobbly at times. Remember that when you execute you should always aim for confidence as your maximum priority, so make sure you're always aiming for it. Make sure you always draw with your shoulder and check if you need to speed up a little bit to make the lines confident.

The last thing on them is that sometimes you forget to draw the starting on ending dots before drawing some lines on the ghosted planes. Make sure you always draw them as they're super important for applying the ghosting method well.

Moving onto your ellipses you're doing a pretty good job drawing them confidently. They're a bit pointy and sometimes not symmetrical though, so try to keep an eye on making them as round and smooth as you can.

Sometimes in the table of ellipses the ellipses are a bit separated. Just in case remember that you should be aiming for the ellipses to touch the sides of the other ellipses and the top and bottom lines. Smaller ellipses seem like might have been drawn with the wrist as well, so if that's the case remember that you should always approach them the same way, ghosting and with the shoulder.

You did a great job keeping the ellipses confidents on the table of ellipses, good job!

Lastly on the funnels sometimes your ellipses are a bit wobbly and not drawn through 2 times, make sure you always take your time with every line and ellipse, ghosting and preparing as much as you need. Remember that you an always take breaks as well! No need to finish every exercise in one time, so if you feel like you're starting to rush take a break.

On the funnels as well sometimes the ellipses are a little bit tilted. The middle axis line must cut the ellipses symmetrically, so they can't be tilted. I know it's hard to allign them, just make sure you're always reminding yourself to allign them symmetrically.

Lastly on the boxes section you did good effort as well, but there are a few issues I want to comment on:

-Your lines in general get worse on this part. Try to approach every line as if it's a single ghosted lines exercise. Draw starting and ending dots and forget about what box that line is part of. Remember as explained on the ghosted lines exercise confidence is the most important thing, accuracy is secondary.

-Sometimes you repeat lines that were off. Whenever a line goes wrongly, don't repeat it, leave it be and move on to the next. Repeating it will only make the drawing messier and encourage bad habits.

-On rough perspective some of the vertical and horizontal lines are a bit tilted. So remember that on this exercise all height lines will always be perpendicular to the horizon line and all width lines will be parallel to the horizon line.

One thing that can help is to make sure the lines have this relationship before drawing them, and if they don't have it you can redraw the initial and ending dots as much as you want until you think it's correct.

And lastly on organic perspective, the main issues are the ones I explained earlier already. There are a few places in which you don't place starting and ending dots for every line as well too, so don't forget to always place them before drawing any line. Boxes have perspective issues but that's not a problem as you'll work on them on the box challenge. Focus for now on the things I mentioned earlier.

So like I said you're doing good progress, but before moving on I want to make sure you understand what I said, so I want you to do one more page of rough perspective. Make sure to pay attention to the things I mentioned and remember to take your time with it, if you need to take breaks so you don't rush then take them, you don't need to finish it in one day neither.

I want you to post as well the rotated boxes exercise you haven't posted. If you have already done it then just post both exercises at the same time, but if you still haven't done it, then I want you to post the rough perspective first before so I make sure you understood the things I said. Good luck and keep up the good work! You're almost there!

Next Steps:

-1 more page of the rough perspective exercise

-submit the page of the rotated boxes you haven't posted

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 1:36 AM, May 26th 2021
2:00 PM, Friday June 4th 2021


First: thank you so much for your time, your detailed notes! I really appreciate it! I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I've redone the Rough Perspective pages many times, and I wasn't sure how accurate, per say, I needed to be, and discarded ones with bad boxes. I am overwhelming myself and I am trying to move on from the mistakes instead of discarding an entire page due to one.

I realized after reading through your notes and redoing the Rough Perspective that I do definitely rush my lines. I am trying to find the good middle ground of producing straight, non-wobbly lines, in terms of speed. When I go too slow, as to not rush, I'll wobble. I am a naturally impatient person, so the faster I go when drawing the line, I go too fast with ghosting my lines, thus the more I tend to rush each point. It's a problem I am working on.

And... I completely skipped over the Rotated Boxes homework! I'm not quite sure how I did that, I apologize. I would like to wait for approval before doing that homework.

Here is the link to my updates Rough Perspective: https://imgur.com/a/Lk0SBoM

Please let me know if you would like me to redo any of the homework pages again, or if I can do the missing Rotated Boxes exercise. If I need to do the Rough Perspective again, I'll do it again.

Thank you!

PS: In case you thought it was weird: I swear I didn't name myself "sand rash". It's my first name plus my initials that I have been using for years. It was just recently pointed out to me, what it spells... and I set my name on here on autopilot. Slightly embarrassed.

3:06 PM, Friday June 4th 2021

About the name thing, lol it's completely alright,I didn't think anything about it, it's just a normal username.

About the repeating thing though, keep in mind that when me or uncomfortable ask you to do 1 page is because we're asking you to do one page. So do one page and then submit. Not grinding is the best course of action for you to take, trust uncomfortable on that.

Now the thing you should aim for is not to get good results, but to approach the exercise correctly. You're not being critiqued by how good your boxes look, but for how good you approached drawing them, that's why repeating exercises isn't helpful.

The main things I see that is causing you to approach them wrong, mainly because of rushing are:

-Sometimes some of your lines fray in 2 ends, which tell me that you aren't placing the pen carefully at the start of every line.

-Some lines seem like don't have starting and ending points, before drawing any line you should always start by drawing their starting and ending points.

-Some lines diverge very clearly, which hints that you aren't paying as much attention as you could for their convergences. Whenever you draw a starting and ending dot for a line, you can extend that line by ghosting and check how far it is from the vanishing point. If it's not close, then you can just redraw the dots over and over until you're satisfied.

Lastly, lines are overall better, but still a bit wobbly. Take a reread at the ghosted lines exercise. Remember that you're aiming here for doing the ghosted line exercise well, and that means drawing your lines confidently. How the result does look on the box does not matter because the important thing is that you learn, not that the result looks good.

Having said all that I want you to do another page more of this exercise, good luck and keep it up! (And don't forget the rotated boxes page)

Next Steps:

-1 more page of the rough perspective exercise.

  • remaining page of rotated boxes
When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
7:39 PM, Friday June 4th 2021


Ah. Uncomfortable's voice came back in my head, reading this. Definitely forgot not to do grinding. Thank you for the notes, and for also the reminder to pay more attention to where I'm placing my pen when connecting lines. I hope that is reflected in my resubmissions.

I have redone the Rough Perspective and also completed the Rotated boxes. Please let me know if I can head onwards to the 250 box challenge: https://imgur.com/a/sDIJxiB

If I don't hear from you beforehand, I hope you have a good weekend!

Thank you for your time,


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