How Much Construction?

6:45 PM, Monday April 11th 2022

I'm on Lesson 3, and in the part of the homework where it says that I must construct 8 pages of plants, does it mean that there will be 1 plant on each page (8 plants in total), or that I have to fill up each page with as many plants as I can reasonably fit on it (many more than 8 plants in total)?

I imagine whatever the answer is to this, it applies to the rest of the construction lessons as well.

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12:01 AM, Tuesday April 12th 2022

1 or 2 plants per page is reasonable. You don't want to do them too small as you it won't test your line drawing as much and the detail will be fiddly.

8:39 PM, Tuesday April 12th 2022

So it's fine if I only deconstruct 8 plants?

3:32 AM, Thursday April 14th 2022

The lesson asked for 8 plants, So yes.

However you might wanna fill only 1 plant (Or drawing) per page, Because this will allow you to draw bigger which will help with the clarity of the piece and allow your brain to work through the spatial puzzle being presented better.

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