continue or start over?

2:32 PM, Thursday September 17th 2020

Hi friends, I need some precious advice.

I started the 250 box challenge almost 4 months ago.

At first I had a lot of free time, but as time went on, I had less and less.

So I made almost half of the 250 boxes until June, but I had to stop for work reasons and in 3 months (from June to now) I made something like 10 boxes ...

Now the question:

Is it better to start over or can I continue where I left off?

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4:16 PM, Thursday September 17th 2020

You don't lose the concepts, maybe you get a little rusty, but I think you can just continue and keep pushing, it's a challenge and you can do other challenges moving forward.

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5:02 AM, Friday September 18th 2020

totally continue dude, keep moving forward and you'll make greater progress!

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7:15 PM, Monday September 21st 2020

It has happened to me. It's better to move on. If you have followed the instructions throughoutly there shouldn't be a problem. Sometimes life happens.

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4:40 AM, Wednesday September 23rd 2020

Keep on truckin', man. Look back over what you have done & it will all come back to you. I love drawing those boxes. Looking forward to working on the cylinders soon.

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