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6:50 AM, Wednesday April 27th 2022

Don't worry about the time. Most important thing is that you do your best on every line, if it takes 2 weeks to finish an assignment or whatever, then it takes 2 weeks. No problem.

Now into your exercises you're making good progress, good job! Lines are also converging even if at pairs at least, so that's another good thing.

Next thing I wanted to talk about is that most of your boxes on the last revisions you did were extreme perspective. So I want you to do one page of boxes of extreme perspective (with vanishing points on the page or almost on the page, and one page of boxes on shallow perspective, with the vps far away from the page, like you did on the last box.

Make sure you focus on drawing the lines cleanly like you did just now and good luck!

Next Steps:

-1 page of boxes with shallow foreshortening

-1 page of boxes with extreme foreshortening

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
2:27 AM, Thursday April 28th 2022

After over an hour and after 23 attempts for the first one and five for the second one, I'm pretty shot and hurting with my brain. I really hope the converging lines shows:

3:29 PM, Thursday April 28th 2022

Hello! First of all make sure you don't do several attempts. It's important that you don't repeat the exercises because the thing we want to critique is your understanding, not the results. So when you're told to do one page, just do one page, no more.

On the boxes you've done some good attempts already not repeating lines and drawing them confidently! But I want you to see what you actually do, I want you to do 2 more pages, but this time draw 4-5 boxes per page, not just one, so I have more stuff to critique. And remember, don't repeat anything! If something goes wrong, just keep going.

Good luck and keep up the good wokr!

Next Steps:

1 page of boxes with shallow perspective (4-5 boxes)

1 page of boxes with extreme perspective (4-5 boxes)

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
4:09 AM, Friday April 29th 2022

First I want to say thanks for taking your time to go over my stuff. Now the reason I had to repeat 23 times is to get that good result. 23 times and five times because I messed up. If I had turned any of those in, it wouldn't have reflected what i understood. It would have dragged this out longer. I want to show nothing but the best I can do to finally clear this challange at last. Sometimes that requires many attempts in order to produce the best to present. But looking at the messups, I knew they weren't what you were looking for and had to try again. However it's good you are seeing how my hard work is worth it as not only does it show I'm doing better than I think, it's helping get better.

Just for these, one of the mistakes I made was when I drew my boxes, one was too close and I realized that wasn't going to work. Besides, The way the boxes were, I didn't like the looks of them. It's now a matter of figuring out how to draw these again but also make them smaller to fit 4-5. And looking at a number of the boxes, none of them in the slightest looked right in a way to show I understand the directions. Especially when I don't want to draw a box for shallow foreshorting but have it come out dramatic and mix them up. Also thinking ahead trying them at different angles have made it hard but again; I need to show I understand this. However strangely the first dramatic I did came out right the first time. Wierd how that works.

Hopefully I didn't mix up shallow and dramatic when trying different sized boxes and angles and I do apologize how too of my boxes are same angles, just different sizes. But after 17 attempts (Which is a lot less compared to last time but still taking over 3 hours) here we are (Note the boxes are stapled due getting one right but then messing up on the same sheet of paper, so cutting out the good one and throwing the mistake away and completly screwing up one axis line):

I hope with this I can finally move to probably fixing things in lesson 2. If not, I guess I will have to keep this up until deemed understanding enough to move on. I'm still glad at least though again you are going over this, as despite how anoying and frustating this can get at times, gets me one step closer to finally clearing this challange.

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