The Music and Draw

7:37 PM, Thursday July 29th 2021

I start the drawabox recently, and i have the habit of heard some songs and draw, at same time, the music give me more pacience and concentration. Is this acceptabble? Can music disturb the lessons? Say what you think...

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10:30 PM, Thursday July 29th 2021

In my opinion, depends.

If what you listen is something kind of lofi/chill style just so the exterior noise doesn't bother you, I think it's fine.

I know this because sometimes in the square I live, people can be extremely noisy and annoying, so that helps me.

However, the moment you feel you are starting to get way to much submerged within the song, you'll lose a lot of focus way before you even notice it and it will hurt you in the long run, or at least in lessons taught here.

I use to listen to my favorite genre (DnB), and since it's a super energetic and frenetic genre for me, it was giving me too much boost on motivation to the point where I was getting too distracted on the song and I was not absorbing any new knowledge because I wasn't focusing on improving, I was just drawing by impulse because I was feeling the song, you know what I'm saying? And I was also being pretty dependent on it.

As a beginner, this lessons feel like they have to be put special focus so you can absorb them well.

So I'd aim for a balance between something that makes you feel good and comfortable while working, but also not making you distracted, which in my case was too hard so what I did was reducing the amount of music I listen while drawing until I didn't need it.

Try different things until you find something that fits your case and needs. Happy drawing!

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9:47 PM, Thursday August 5th 2021

I like to hear podcasts, as it feels like I'm working with another people around.

I recommend Draftsmen, hosted by Stan Prokopenko (that Proko) and Marshall Vandruff (another really great art teacher).

Also interesting is Nick Animation Podcast.

4:52 AM, Thursday August 12th 2021


11:21 PM, Saturday January 22nd 2022

Yes. Draftsmen is awesome -- so much art wisdom shared.

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9:01 PM, Thursday July 29th 2021

Yes. Whatever works for you.

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3:25 PM, Tuesday September 14th 2021

Hi! Feel free to listen to anything. I think listen to music helps us enjoy the drawing process more. Try to listen to something chill, like jazz or lofi. I shouldn't recommend listen to podcast or asmr, it did distract me a lot.

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