Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

4:41 PM, Tuesday September 28th 2021

1st lesson - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/65cxQRv

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Here is my first lesson h/w. I would appreciate to get any comments on it :)

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6:01 PM, Tuesday September 28th 2021

Congrats on finishing, here is my critique:

On the ghosted lines, you shouldn't really deviate from the starting point. Make sure your pen tip lines up with the dot you're drawing from. Its fine if you deviate from your destination, but not your starting point.

You didn't need to make 2 new pages of ghosted planes to put the circles in, but no big deal.

I notice that you have a lot of uneven/squiggly lines on your planes and boxes in general. Make sure you're taking the time to use the ghosting method for every line. I know its hard to get used to, but take the time you need and do not rush.

I am going to mark this as complete, but I suggest either doing another page or 2 of ghosted lines, or doing them during most of your warmups, for now.

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250 box challenge and take your time on each line. Make sure you keep practising those straight lines.

Good luck!

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2:48 PM, Wednesday October 6th 2021

Thank you! I do have some problems with ghosting method, will work on it ;)

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7:34 PM, Tuesday September 28th 2021

Hey, congratulations on completing lesson 1! The comments i'm leaving here are not meant to encourage you to redo any of these exercises. Your improvement of these concepts are best integrated into warmups.

Superimposed lines -- To reiterate something sikcool pointed out, I think you should be careful to make sure your lines start at the same starting point. Fraying at the end is expected, but not so much at the beginning.

Table of ellipses -- Your lines have some degree of wobling in them, but I also see many lines which flow fine. This can either come down to one of two things: either you're just getting used to drawing from your shoulder (in which case I would prioritize doing the superimposed lines during warmup) or you're not spending enough time in the planning phase (in which case I think you should prioritize the table of ellipses during warmup). If the issue is your shoulder, then your lines shoud improve with time. Just be sure that your spending enough time planning and ghosting your lines. By the time you finally put pen to paper, you should be fairly confident of the mark you need to make.

ellipses in planes -- These ellipses came out pretty well. While its true that each consecutive pass doesn't perfectly overlap, I think that the value in this exercise is in seeing that disparity slowly lessen with time. This is also a good exercise to come back to if you want to get more practice with ellipses.

funnels -- One point I would make on these is to keep an eye on the minor axis. When making ellipses, you want to follow the minor axis as it defines the visibility of the circle (If this comment sounds a bit confusing, don't worry about it too much. For now focus on just making sure that the minor axis and the ellipse match up).

Those are my only major critiques of the work. Keep in mind that most of these exercises were just an introduction to concepts that you will be working with later, so these comments are mainly just to make sure that you stick on the right track. At this point I think you can move on to the 250 box challenge. Good luck!

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250 box challenge.

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2:44 PM, Wednesday October 6th 2021

Thank you very much for your comment! I will try to implement it in further practice :)

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