Is 12 box per day a good amount?

5:26 PM, Wednesday July 15th 2020

Hi, i'm doing the 250 box challenge, drawing 12 box per day (somedays, i do not, because reasons). is a good amount? i'm thinking on going for another page (will be 18) but i think will be a little bit frustrating.

I'm in the box number 152 btw.

thank you :)

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6:19 PM, Wednesday July 15th 2020


In Drawabox, Uncomfortable requires at least two week between submitting official homeworks. That suggests that the faster he officially accepts is around 18 boxes per day. I guess it also means that he discourages going faster, but going slower is okay. Just don't forget to start with warm ups before going at it each day.

Keep working hard!

6:33 PM, Wednesday July 15th 2020

Oh, never forget to do those ;) thanks you for the response!

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10:28 PM, Saturday July 18th 2020

I'm doing the same exercise and I just completed 150. I also try to do 12 a day, but sometimes only 6 and sometimes I just work on fun stuff and don't draw any boxes. There is a certain amount of grind in this 250 box challenge but I personally think it best to minimize that by not trying to do too much at once. Like you said it could get really frustrating if you try to do too much. I want to finish and move on to other things as well, but I want to finish without being too beat up. What you do is entirely up to you, but hopefully you will not lose sight of the goal of learning and improving your art through knowledge and practice.

Just a thought.

11:27 PM, Tuesday August 4th 2020

Thanks for the advice! i'm taking my time, going through every box i learn from each one of them. Tomorrow i'll finish the challenge!, only 6 box left :)

10:52 PM, Wednesday August 5th 2020

Great news Nicolaslaslas! I'm glad I could help and happy to hear you are almost finished. It really is a bit of a grind doing these boxes, but I also finished and am happy to move on.

Good luck to you as you continue to learn how to understand and apply important concepts.

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10:57 PM, Thursday July 16th 2020

Some days I did 50 but I wouldn't recommend it . It takes allot of your time and wears you out 12 to like 20 sound good just be consistent.

3:27 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020

I'm taking my time to be honest ahaha, thanks for the advice!

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10:40 PM, Wednesday July 29th 2020

I drew 10 per day (2 pages of 5 per page). That worked out to about an hour of draw-a-box exercises done carefully, which is about where I max-out on concentration. I try to do other "drawing for fun" for another hour if I can work it in.

5:58 PM, Wednesday August 5th 2020

Maybe isn't the place for asking that, but anyway: "drawing for fun" is like, sketching on pixelart? because i do that everyday, and i enjoy a lot. Or is it only draw something on paper? I feel very comfortable with the rythm of my learning process btw.

4:23 PM, Thursday August 6th 2020

I interpret it to be any drawing that is not specifically completing drawabox homework or exercises. Depending on my mood, it can be quick 2 minute sketches to capture a family member or drawing object(s) around my house or yard. I use paper and pencil mostly, sometimes ink, because I don't have a digital setup and I want to master applying different pressure in mark-making in different media before trying out digital. I carry a sketchbook wherever I go because I can fill in dead time, like waiting for a concert to start, by drawing. I don't see anything wrong with pixelart per se, but it does not address my own learning objectives.

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