Hi! I will take care of correcting your 250 box challenge.

It looks great progress from start to finish.

I will try to be as brief and complete as possible:


Your lines look stable and seem to have been drawn with confidence.

Regarding the line hatching, although it looks good you can always try to make the lines reach their respective limits more precisely. Sometimes they fade before they reach their end point.

You applied line weight which is good, however applying it to the whole silhouette of the box as you did is not appropriate here.

It needs to be more subtle, and as an example use this image:


Box construction:

The boxes themselves look solid, this is great.

I like how almost no lines diverge from their vanishing point.

This is appropriate, as there should never be such divergence, only convergence to the point.

I will mention that you are using very deep foreshortening in your boxes. While this is not properly bad, you should get used to using a shallower foreshortening for its usefulness in the next few lessons.

I'll leave you this link to learn more about that part: https://drawabox.com/lesson/250boxes/1/foreshortening

One last thing, after a certain point most of your boxes look pretty much the same, you'll want to be prepared when you're asked to draw boxes in various orientations.

Here's a reference you can use as a guide:


I'll leave a bit of homework! try to rectify as best you can.

And take your time about it, don't rush or stress beforehand.