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1:28 AM, Sunday August 22nd 2021

Hello! I’ll be reviewing your exercise today.

Starting with Organic Arrows, your lines look confident, and you’re doing a good job of letting your edges overlap. However, I don’t’ feel as though you applied perspective as much as you could and should in this exercise

Organic Forms with Contour Lines -your ellipses seem to be drawn confidently, your sausages look nice and simple, and in the page with contour curves, you’re doing a good job of hooking your curves around the form. However, an issue I noticed with this exercise and a later exercise is that you’re not showing much variance with the degrees of your ellipses.

Your texture analysis looks good, I thought you did a good job going from dense to sparse and showing the shadows of the texture you drew.

I thought your dissections were okay. I think you are supposed to write down next to each texture what texture you were trying to draw in order to make it slightly easier for those reviewing your exercise to understand how well you did it, but it looks like your textures were pretty good. However, you missed out on an opportunity for the texture to break the silhouette of the form. Additionally, your textures don’t really seem to wrap around the form all too much.

In terms of your Form Intersections, I thought you did a good job of drawing confident and believable shapes. For the actual intersections themselves, I’ll be honest with you - I had a lot of trouble with this part myself and so while I can tell you that your intersections somehow don’t seem very believable to me and could use some work, I’m not exactly sure why. However, I think this part was expected to be difficult and was not the focus of the exercise so I don’t think you need to redo it.

Your Organic Intersections are okay - I thought you did a good job of drawing simple forms and drawing cast shadows, but similar to an earlier exercise, the degrees of your contour lines don’t seem to change as much as they should. Additionally, I thought you could have put more emphasis on the forms sagging or wrapping around the other forms.

Overall, I think this was a decent exercise and I think you can move onto Lesson 3. As a favor, I’d like to ask you to please grade my own Lesson 2 work - I haven’t gotten it reviewed yet and I want to make sure that I’m aware of my mistakes (especially in textures) before I move onto a more difficult exercise.

Next Steps:

Move onto Lesson 3 while doing the 25 Texture challenge on the side.

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2:50 PM, Monday August 23rd 2021

Thanks for your critique, especially pointing out my mistake in dissections, because it seems really flat sometimes. I've almost completed lesson 3, so I'll move onto 25 texture challenge.

Have a nice day!

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