Looking for advice/tips regarding drawing the internal lines of boxes

12:25 AM, Monday March 8th 2021

Hi all,

I have been going through the 250 box challenge, and after 50 boxes I am still struggling to draw the internal lines of my boxes. The internal three lines are almost always dramatically converging. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to fix this problem? Thank you for your time.

Here are my first 50 boxes as reference: https://imgur.com/a/yerHvwn#Al1TH3Y

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8:11 AM, Monday March 8th 2021

To add to what Scoobyclub said, here is a video by ScyllaStew that could help you building the back corner of your boxes. While you watch it, keep in mind the information in the image Scoobyclub shared with you.

Good luck and keep going!

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1:00 AM, Monday March 8th 2021

At a quick glance it looks like you are not paying attention to existing edges that will be travelling in approx same direction.

This is from official feedback on my submission.

"While you may have come across this through instinct, you may find this image helpful. It shows how each line relates to one another. The 2 inner lines will always be fairly similar, while the outer 2 have a bit more variety, remember that as a vanishing point moves further away from a box, each pair of lines in the box will get closer to parallel."

Also don't worry, 50 boxes isn't actually that many. It takes time for things to click but you do have to assess your own work and try to fix things along the way ( as opposed to just trying to draw boxes as quickly as possible ), as you are doing here.

1:28 AM, Monday March 8th 2021

Thanks for the help! Yes, you're right...I need to take time to evaluate my work.

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4:28 PM, Saturday April 10th 2021

For me it was helpful to ghost the angle of the inner lines allll the way out (past the box boundaries like the rest of the vanishing lines) before putting down the actual marks.

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