Realism in the 50% rule

7:04 PM, Friday April 16th 2021

What if in the 50% rule what I would draw if it were a pro would be realism and portraits of both animals and people. I have that doubt because I understand that you cannot draw directly from a reference and follow it to the letter.

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6:56 AM, Saturday April 17th 2021
edited at 8:53 AM, Apr 17th 2021


You are indeed allowed to use references in your fun time. You are allowed to play in every possible way that brings joy to you.

It's about purpose and mindset: as far as you don't stress over making a perfect study but you simply focus on the pleasure of drawing those animals and persons it will be relaxing and regenerating. Seems like a blurry line but it's all about how you approach the task.

Just keep it casual I would say. If you catch yourself getting frustrated over the likeness for example, it means that fun is over and it's time to start a new draw. This is what I do when I draw characters for fun. If I start pushing to make it better I stop and start a new page.

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9:42 AM, Tuesday April 20th 2021

Agreed! The other 50% is basically you doing what you actually want to do as an artist.

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10:27 AM, Sunday April 18th 2021

no one said you can't use refrence

quite the opposite actually

you must use refrence

otherwise how are you gonna learn

even if you want to draw from imagination

you need to have a solid idea & understanding of what you want to draw & that comes only with refrence studies... a lot of refrence studies

you're allowed to do anything in your studies

from tracing to imitating

& everything in-between

all are fare game for the sake of learning

have fun drawing what you want to draw

the methods & ways of which you use are completely irrelevant

it doesn't matter as long as you're enjoying yourself in the process

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