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11:06 PM, Monday February 28th 2022

So, I'll be grading your homework today.

Superimposed Lines: Did you put down a line using a straightedge first? I can't quite tell myself. If not, make sure you do since it provides a baseline for what you're doing. That said, these look really good. There's a little bit of fraying on both sides with the really curvy ones you tried, but most look nice. This was well done.

Ghosted Lines: GOOD GOSH, these are incredible! I see a tiny, TINY bit of arcing on barely a handful of these, but most are perfectly bold and confident. I wish mine were this good, actually

Ellipses in Planes: I think you have these confused with the Table of Ellipses exercise, but that's alright. Your ellipses don't quite touch all sides, but that's an accuracy thing that'll resolve with practice. Also, I can't quite tell if you're drawing through your ellipses or not. Just make sure you do two or three times.

Tables of Ellipses: Could use a little work making sure they consistently fill the space and touch one another.

Funnels: These look really good. The minor axis cuts right across almost all of the ellipses. That, and most touch each other too.

Plotted Perspective: Looks great. I see nothing wrong here.

Rough Perspective: Also looks really great. Your width lines are parallel with the horizon for the most part and your height lines are perpendicular with it as well. And your other lines go right back where they're supposed to.

Rotated Boxes: All the boxes fit nice and tight together and the perspective on them is also done well.

Organic Perspective: The boxes scale down in size decently well and the boxes look good too. On your second page, there's a smaller box with some extreme perspective, which makes it look off; so watch for that. Otherwise, this was done well too.

To conclude, I think you're ready for the 250 Box Challenge

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Proceed to the 250 Box Challenge

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11:31 AM, Wednesday March 2nd 2022

hey dude thank you very much and i cannot thank u even more for criticizing my exercise and yeah for super imposed lines i put a ruler to just put dots as a guide for straight line

and also i draw rotated boxes again just for fun and i wanna know what u think about it



5:39 PM, Saturday March 5th 2022

No problem, dude. Your second page of Rotated Boxes looks great too. It's a lot of work, but the final result looks really cool when you do it right

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