Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

6:59 AM, Sunday January 24th 2021

Lesson 2 - Google Drive

Lesson 2 - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-8CDawKp6ahubfFCVZz06GXr5AAzpvV1?usp=sharing

This entire lesson was done using my shoulder/elbow. I guess texture analysis should have been done with wrist. But anyways, thank you for checking. :)

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5:49 PM, Tuesday March 30th 2021

Hello there, congrats on making it through! I'll be checking your submission.


Your arrows look pretty decent. You had some shading mistakes in the first page but your second page looks better overall.

Organic Forms With Contour Lines

Your sausages look pretty good as well. You could've played a bit more with the degrees of the ellipses to make your sausages a bit more dynamic though.

Texture Analysis

I can see that you were focused on cast shadows rather than shapes which is great. You manged to refrain from scribbling random lines as well, good job! Your transition could be smoother in the last row though.


I feel like you used random lines for some of the textures (flames, apple etc.) here. But other than that, it looks okay.

Form Intersections

The main goal here is to create a picture where all forms resemble that they share the same scene. You've managed to do that by creating forms that have consistent foreshortening. Your intersections look pretty decent as well, good job!

Organic Intersections

Both of your pages look pretty solid. You managed to avoid complex shapes and none of your sausages are floating. Your shadows curve around the forms nicely as well.

Overall, you did a pretty good job! I'm critiquing this lesson for the first time so sorry if I made some mistakes. If you have questions though, feel free to ask me here or tag me on the discord server by the same name. Good luck with lesson 3! :)

Also a quick note, try to use imgur in the future if possible. Imgur is usually more user friendy than google drive.

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12:05 PM, Monday April 12th 2021

Definitely agreed on points mentioned. Thank you for critiquing.

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