Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

11:52 AM, Wednesday February 12th 2020

Drawabox - lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/1B0RkUq

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Hi there! :-)

I'm submitting my old lesson 1 homework from August 2018!

I'm afraid this work is quite irrelevant since I'm currently lesson 4... Nevertheless I can redo some exercises as a warmup if you want. Maybe it could be fun to share my drawing evolution...

I wish you a nice day!

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5:57 AM, Saturday February 15th 2020

Here’s a quick one, then~

Lines are good. There’s no arcing superimposed lines, but I’m guessing you’ve done a couple (of million) since then~ The ghosted lines start off a little lacking, but improve considerably. Ellipses are good, too. The table of ellipses exercise needs bounds on all sides (don’t use the edges of the page!), though. Careful not to rotate around your ellipses too much, too. This also goes for your ellipses in planes. Also, the funnels are a little poorly spaced, and their ellipses are not always aligned to their minor axes, but you’re on the right track. Nice job on the box section. Careful not to redo lines, though. If a line is wrong, it’s wrong. Similarly, don’t cross things out, either. On the organic perspective exercise, by the way, the overlaps shouldn’t hide those sections of the boxes they’re overlapping. Going at it as if we have x-ray vision does a lot to help our understanding of 3D space.

Anyway, solid submission, and GL on your current one~

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

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10:32 PM, Friday February 21st 2020

Thank's Benj for critiquing my old work!

Thank's for the tips!

I've redone on a single page some lesson 1 homework. With bounds for the table of ellipses ;-)

Rotated boxes is very hard! This is only my 2nd attempt, I'll have to redo it more often...


5:19 AM, Saturday February 22nd 2020
edited at 5:23 AM, Feb 22nd 2020

Nicely done, on both accounts! Careful not to let your warmups go beyond 15 minutes, though. ... unless you can do the entire rotated boxes exercise in that time, in which case, TEACH ME.

edited at 5:23 AM, Feb 22nd 2020
5:37 PM, Monday February 24th 2020

I usually spend 5 to 15 minutes warming up.

I really don't know how long rotated boxes took me, I did it in several times... but maybe in 15 minutes it's doable with some practice :-)

Next time, I'll time!

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