First of all, congrats on completing lesson 1!

Just in case be consistent with the color so it’s an easier time after you do lesson 1.

I advise you to use a 0.5 fineliner pen - if you didn’t know already which I will link info here.

I’m not sure if you use both sides of the paper or the papers are thin, but I recommend to use it on a clean paper - so critiquing it is easier and it doesn’t interfere the end results.

Accuracy comes with time - so as long as you keep these strict confident lines you will be able to do it more accurately. My tip is to follow and try your best to uphold the line quality through the lessons - make sure everything is planned out to minimize mistakes before creating the definite stroke.

Ellipses are mixed but mostly good. In the tables of ellipses, it’s rounded, smooth, and neatly packed. The funnel one looks smooth, some parts looked a bit unsymmetrical on some ends but it improved along the way - you should align the ellipses to the minor axis.

I want to mention that using a thick marker will conceal the mistakes that you otherwise would had to fix, so I refrain from using it. On the 2nd page there’s a green underlay, normally I don’t think that’s good. Try doing warm ups of ellipses to loosen your shoulders and refrain from using anything that could conceal mistakes and halt progress.

Now about the boxes, I think most of the issues lies from the clarity of the vanishing points. As you can see in Plotted Perspective it has a very clear vanishing points thus resulting readable boxes. (Though you should give line weight to the cubes and you shouldn't hatch them before doing so because you overlapped other boxes resulting it to look very cluttered)

In Rough Perspective there is still a horizon line and you are to learn to pull these lines from the boxes to the VP, boxes still looked very intact in this one. Convergence lines are not converging as they should - ghosting them before drawing and making sure the line goes to the vanishing point is crucial. Confident lines are good, but confidence has to go somewhere to fill a purpose.

Until Organic Perspective and Rotated Boxes where there’s no clear reference point then it started to break their illusions.

For Organic Perspective, each boxes should be converging parallel to the VPs or they will break their illusions.

For Rotated Boxes, likewise the Organic Perspective, some lines doesn’t converge. Especially in the corner ones as there’s not much reference to base off. See this one and this one too. Some corners also aren't close, they should be locking to each other as a reference guide.

But it’s okay because this part is where most people's boxes perspectives get wonky.

I think you did a solid job for lesson 1, so I'm going to mark this lesson as complete :)

This is my first critique on the web, so if there’s anything that doesn’t seem helpful or could be better. Let me know (I think I overdid this one) :)