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11:15 PM, Thursday August 6th 2020


Along with the lesson I follow other lessons (digital painting, gesture drawing). At first, like you, I didn't see any links between drawabox and my other drawings/paintings.

Then I started the construction chapters (lesson 3+) and honestly all those boxes aren't wasted. I used to draw dragons only on the side and really flat, the only thing that gave them a big of form is a bit of shading but it wasn't enough. Now I can combine a bit of gesture drawing (humans) and drawabox construction to draw dragons not only in other positions, but also from imagination. They aren't the best out there, but drawing branches and flower stems translated into drawing dragon necks in 3D space. (I am just starting animals right now).

Honestly I didn't draw much for fun for a while but after I started the construction method it helped me draw other things from observation. I am planning on doing that a lot to fill a visual library.

Have fun!

2:13 PM, Saturday August 8th 2020

I hope to soon be able to also do this link myself! Maybe from lesson 3 onwards, the stuff starts being less abstract (not that I'm complaining, I'm all on for abstraction... maybe even too much) and begins to be easier to apply.

Thinking to myself, maybe the problem I am having is that it is easier for me to draw the boxes than to draw any other stuff that I want...

4:15 PM, Sunday August 9th 2020

Yes well everything you want to draw is probably more complex than a box, but don't worry it will come with the constructions and simplifications method, baby steps to giant strides!

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