Hi! I will give my best shot at a helpful critique of your homework.

Superimposed lines: Looking solid.

Ghosted lines: These look good to me as well. In future, when completing these as part of your warmup, I would however encourage you to make use of the full length of the page and try out longer lines with dots spaced further apart. Your lines stayed quite short and there's not a lot of criss-crossing.

Ghosted planes: This goes to a similar point as with the ghosted lines. Your planes are kept fairly short, creating small planes, thus not making full use of the page. There's a lot of white space. One thing I see, too, is that your planes tend to bend and the lines being a lot more wobbly. This might be due to the shorter lines encouraging less use of your shoulder or you just got less disciplined. I'd actually like for you to try these again.

Tables of ellipses: Your drew through the ellipses at least twice, as asked. You did a good job of keeping them snug to one another and the edges of the tables. Some of these are more egg-shaped than elliptical but that's something to work on when using these as warm-up in the future. I would also encourage you to go for more variety in terms of size, diameter, degree and direction of slanting.

Ellipses in funnels: It looks like you drew the outer arcs freehand. That of course makes the funnels less uniform. It looks to me like as a result, you didn't quite manage to use the line in the middle as minor axes for your ellipses. Remember that minor axis should be smack-dab in the middle, serving to produce two symmetrical halves. Your ellipses also often overlap or move out of the funnel entirely. So I'd try these again.

Plotted perspective: You didn't use a ruler or straight object for these. That's why your perspective is off and you can see that the connecting lines rarely meet up with the vanishing point. Try this one again after reading through the lesson instructions carefully. Use a ruler for all the line work. The vertical line you start out with should be perpendicular to the horizon.

Rough perspective: This one is tough! You often drew the connecting lines the wrong way. For example: The first frame of the first image you submitted. In the rightmost square, you connected the corners directly to the vanishing point instead of following the entire line you drew. There's also no need to connect the horizontal lines because they should be parallel to the horizon line. Check the instructions again and redo these.

Edit: Add 1 page of rough perspective to the revisions.

Rotated boxes: You kept the boxes close to each other and especially in the vertical axis I cann se a narrowing effect. There's not much rotation in the boxes in the outer corners but this exercise is so tough. At a certain point, you stopped drawing through the boxes. This makes the exercise tougher because there's more guesswork involved.

Organic perspective: I'd like to remind you of remembering to ghost your lines. Many of these are wobbly and the exercise looks a bit rushed. In future, you should focus on more different rotations. Many of your boxes look to be the same. When tackling the 250 box challenge, keep in mind to rotate that starting Y from which all the other lines originate.