Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

1:21 AM, Tuesday March 23rd 2021

Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes - Album on Imgur

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Hi, guys. These are my exercises from lesson 1.

any criticism is welcome, I kindly ask you to avoid abbreviations, as English is not my first language. Thank you very much! I hope you all have a great week!

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10:36 AM, Tuesday March 23rd 2021

Hey there and congrats on making it through Lesson One! Good job :D

Very first thing I noticed is that it seems like you're using a purple pen, right? It's okay for the first Lesson but onward I think it would be better if you'd stick to black fineliners!

Lines are looking good. They're a bit wobbly and arching here and there but this is still fine and normal. You'll have plenty of time to practice those too, so right now, good job!

Ellipses are good as well! You're drawing through them two times and for the Tables of Ellipses you're making sure they're neatly and tightly next to each other. No issues spotted here!

Boxes are great as well. You're keeping your lines straight and confident. In the Organic Perspective one's I noticed you're drawing over them from time to time. I know you're probably feeling insecure about the perspective, but I think it's honestly fine. You'll get to train and practice that in the upcoming 250 Box Challenge! So no worries if they still feel off here. You'll have 250 Boxes to practice on haha.

A tip for next time you're uploading pictures: In your Rough Perspective your sheets of paper are laying on the side, which makes it hard for the viewer to properly judge your work. Make sure your work is facing the right direction!

All in all good job and well done! You can go on to the 250 Box Challenge. Good luck!!

  • Lerin

    (PS: If you didn't understand anything, don't hesitate to ask me!)

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge, good luck!

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4:58 PM, Tuesday March 23rd 2021

Thank you very much for the review! The purple pen I was using was a 0.4mm fineliner, I was waiting for my black pen to arrive, I even used it in the last exercise

Everything was very simple to understand, thank you very much!

Have a good week!

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11:06 AM, Tuesday March 23rd 2021


You done a good job with the line exercises, I have nothing in particular to critique here.


  1. Ellipses lacks confidence and smoothness

-From the first two ellipses exercises you seem to have stuggled with forming confident and smooth ellipses, though on the third exercise you're ellipses improved. I still highly recommend doing them as warmups to keep that consistency and improve more

  1. Ellipses going out of bounds

-You seem to be rushing you're ellipses, you seem to have ghosted them though, I think you maybe going too fast in executing them resulting to some of you're wild looking ellipses. I recommend you try to strike a balance with the speed of you're execution, if that's ever the case.


  1. Unfinished box in the rough perspective exercise

-You seem to have gave up with one box there, I furiously recommend you always finish what you started, despite knowing that it will fail or sucks, It's simply a good habit to have.

  1. Some width lines are not parallel to the horizon and some height lines are not perpendicular to the horizon in the rough perspective exercise

-I noticed some of you're lines going to different directions, making the boxes breakdown into a slanted figure, I recommend you ghost you're lines more.

  1. Boxes inconsistent lineweight

-At thge organic perspective exercise you struggled with adding line weight, I recommend you do the superimposed exercise as a warmup.

Overall good job! Congrats in completing lesson 1!

Next Steps:

Do the 250 boxes challenge, do some warm-ups before each drawabox session, and critique other submissions (their a great way to contribute to the drawabox community and review some drawabox concepts)

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5:05 PM, Tuesday March 23rd 2021

Hi, thank you very much for the criticism!

About ellipses: I've been using them as a warm-up and during them I've been paying more attention to the speed that I do them.

Boxes: I had a lot of difficulty with them, I will work more on them throughout the Drawabox

I am extremely grateful for the criticism

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