250 Box Challenge

11:41 AM, Saturday July 9th 2022

250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

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Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at my submission :)

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11:57 PM, Sunday July 17th 2022
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Hey Rosalinexo! I'm Chiran and I decided to check your submission and offer my feedback on this challenge. i'll make sure to provide solid and helpful analysis on your work as best as possible.

before we get started these are the name given specifically because of their order and to represent the specific section of the boxes

Newbies - ( 1-100 boxes) 2. Intermediates - (101-200 boxes) and 3. pros - ( 201- 250 boxes).

This feedback will consist of three parts. So let's start exploring the three parts.

PART 1: THE PRAISES ( The job you did well in the challenge) :)

  • one of the good things you have done is checking your mistakes by extending the sets of praraleel lines of the boxes away from the viewer and taking notes of it

  • taking time to plan and execute each and every line of the boxes by ploting the ghosted points throughout the challenge

  • taking time to construct variety of boxes

  • appling line weights and hatching lines

these are the things that you did well in the challenge, so great job mate!. this should be continued throughout the rest of the course in order to develop some kind of patience and Confidence in drawing.

PART 2: WHERE IT WENT SLIGHTLY OFF? ( Where you should keep an eye on) ( No worries part!)

I think you are headed in the right direction and you have understood the concept of perspective very well so the box challenge has done its job.but there are some hiccups in your work that needs to be identified and removed.

so yeah I will do my job to mention and identify some of the issues in your works and you can do your job by including 1-2 boxes in your warm ups to reduce them in the future.

Alright lets start with your Lines-


  • one of the things I identified in your work is that you seem to repeat or correct the already plotted lines. so we advise you to not to repeat or course correct them instead try to move on thinking them as a correct lines and take note of it to avoid them in the future Your line work looks really solid and confident but they are times where you seem to hesitate while executing resulting in a slow and wobbly lines. Like we can see on most of the newbies lines. they got better in the later boxes but you should always Aware of your mistakes and work towards them by trying your best to avoid them.

  • also make sure that while applying Line weight and hatching lines that, the lines are preplanned and executed with confidence from the shoulder to avoid wobbly and inconsistent lines. ( planning means plotting down the starting and end points) and try as best as possible to keep the spacing of the hatching lines equal.

  • I should make a point that the line weight should only be applied to thesilhouettes/ body of the boxes not the entire boxes to make it look solid.


  • Of course Your Convergence set of parallel lines have much Improved at the End of the Challenge,but there are times where some of the set of lines converges at a faster rates than the others resulting in converging in pairs. yep this issue you can definitely work on, in your warm ups. by trying to know the relationships between each lines related to its distance


and the back corner lines got a little off of the tangent there. It's completely and totally normal at this stage to have the back corner line slightly off compared to the rest. but try to always keep in mind that every lines in the boxes behave differently even in a subtle manner( as in case of shallow foreshortening)


  1. The Converging in pairs and Lines diverging Issues will take more time and practice to get reduced in our work. So we should always be mindful of the lines relationship respective to its relative position from the Vanishing points.


THE INNER CORNER PARADOX: In this challenge, we are estimating where our lines going to converge to a point. as we are humans, it is almost impossible to perfectly estimate where our lines will going to converge thereby resulting in an error. this error will continue to accumulate as we construct the box freely rotated in space. finally this accumulated error will be thrown to the back corner. So its pretty normal to have the inner back corner come out pretty off.

I want to take a look at this info here ;


In this image we can know that how each line will behave relating to the position from its neighbouring edges and the VP.So we can arrive at the conclusion that, If the distance between the internal edges and external edges gets reduce more and more they will eventually become parallel to one and another ( but keep in mind they will converge slightly at a negligable amount no matter what). Alternatively If the distance between the internal corner and the external grow more and more the internal line will also converge.

you can also try and start from the back corner if the box is narrower


if your aware of these notes, then you need to build mileage by including 1-2 boxes in your daily warm up routine. after that your boxes will get better and better and will eventually make you happy at the end. :D

2.feel free to experiment with different speed of drawing your lines from point A to point B during your warm up session and opt for the smooth and consistent ones.If the lines came out dark, wobbly, contains subtle S curve and undershooted then increasing the speed of drawing your lines can reduce these issues. however if the lines are overshooting more and the flow of ink in your pen is inconsistent then its advisable to reduce the speed and try to lift the pen off the page when reaching the end dot.

  1. And as always continue to experiment with your boxes and have fun with it. practice some bigger boxes and dramatic foreshortening boxes to solve some more spatial problems.

  2. Always make an effort to take your time while adding line weight and hatching to boxes in order to reinforce the solidity we are conveying. make sure to plan them before executing them.because every marks we make should serve its purposes.

Last but not the least,-you can plot as many points of starting and end point of a line in a box and can check them without Even committing to them while ghosting over them.


we all know, this challenge was very intimidating because of constructing 250 boxes arbitrarily rotated in 3d and yet you did a great job by keeping persistent till the end with lots of effort, focus, energy and time so hats off for that. Be proud of What you have Accomplished


Yes, We've come to the end of this feedback. overall, this was a solid submission Your submission reveals that you did take time to read through the lesson materials, followed the instructions and executed to your best of your ability. so that's good job!..thank you for submitting your assignment to the community.I'm confident that you will improve much better In the future by keeping the mistakes in mind in your Warm ups.

so yeah I'm allowing you to move on to Lesson 2 by marking your lesson as Complete.

Yippee ! we have completed this challenge. congratulations!. I hope this feedback helps . Have a wonderful artistic journey. keep goin.

Thank you! have a wonderful day!

Next Steps:

  1. move on to lesson 2

  2. warmups both lesson 1 and 250 boxes for 15 minutes a day

  3. keep in mind to not correct or repeat the lines.

thank you!

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1:44 PM, Monday July 18th 2022

Hey Chiran, just a quick note - some of your urls are mushed up against the word preceding them like:

As a result they're getting flagged by our anti-spam measures. While imgur is whitelisted, the way you're writing those links can't be recognized by the system. I've been going in and approving your flagged critiques but if you go in and fix this in your own prewritten text, that would definitely save me some time.


3:24 PM, Monday July 18th 2022

Oh sorry for the trouble!

will definitely go and fix them

thanks so much

3:27 PM, Monday July 18th 2022

Is it okay now? I didn know what to do. I just increased the spacing


12:57 AM, Tuesday July 19th 2022

Yup, that fixed it. Basically since they were all smushed together, the system wasn't able to figure out which part was a URL and which part wasn't. So it treated the whole thing as a URL and then flagged it because it wasn't familiar.

11:01 AM, Thursday August 4th 2022

Hi Chiran,

Thank you so much for your super detailed review, I'm really grateful :D

I will deffo put into practice all your advice

All the best !

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