We've got a huge backlog thanks to it being the beginning of the month, so I've got to jump in to help some of the TAs.

Starting with your lines section, your work here is fantastic. Really confident, smooth, straight linework with no signs of hesitation. When you get into the ghosting technique, you reinforce them with a little more control while maintaining that smooth execution. There is still over and undershooting of your lines to keep an eye on, but this is normal. One thing that can help with this is to get used to lifting your pen off the page the moment you want your line to stop, instead of trying to slow down. Lifting them pen is an action you can perform more quickly and reliably, so it can yield better results.

Moving onto your ellipses, you're similarly doing a good job of maintaining smooth, even shapes. You're clearly doing a great job of drawing them with the same kind of confidence and applying the ghosting method effectively. Looking at your funnels though, that's the only area where I'm noticing some issues - remember that this exercise is all about aligning to that central minor axis line, as explained here. This is something you're still struggling with.

Jumping down ot your box challenge, you're doing a relatively good job of keeping your horizontals parallel to the horizon line and your verticals perpendicular to the horizon line. While the red line extensions show that you aren't getting perfect alignment to that vanishing point, this is totally normal. The point of this exercise is really to reveal how far off our estimation tends to be, so we know what to work on and focus on the next time we approach this kind of exercise.

With your rotated boxes, you've done a very good job of keeping the gaps between your boxes narrow and consistent, so as to eliminate any unnecessary guesswork. The rotation of your boxes could stand to be exaggerated a little more however, as explained here. You're not quite as extreme as what's shown at that link, as there is some rotation on the outer extremities of your rotated boxes, but it really needs to be pushed further.

Lastly, you've got a good start on your organic perspective boxes. This exercise is intended to be an introduction to the concept of boxes being freely rotated in space, and as such there are still issues with getting your sets of parallel lines to converge more consistently towards their shared vanishing points, but this is totally normal and expected. We'll continue working on this in the next step.

One thing I do want to mention however is that you have a bit of a habit of correcting your mistakes and reinforcing lines with additional, reflexive strokes. Don't. It's a bad habit to get into. Make sure you're appyling the ghosting method - that means all three phases (planning, preparing, executing) - to every single individual mark you put down. Don't correct your mistakes, or draw anything by reflex. If you make a mistake, it's usually best to leave it alone, as that way you're not drawing more attention to your blunder.

So! All in all, great work. I'll go ahead and mark this lesson as complete.